Image Description Price
Dickinson Radio Association. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces] No vignette. Dickinson, North Dakota. Unissued. $20.00
Dillsburg Copper, Lead & Iron Compsny. [Bargain Lot of 3 pieces] Miners inside a mine. Small train in corner. Pennsylvania. Unissued. Dated 18__. $20.00
Dome Mines Limited. [Bargain lot of 3 pieces, 3 colors] Miners drilling in a hard rock mine. Canada. 1940s. $20.00
Draper Corporation. [Bargain Lot of 15 pieces, blue] Detailed rendering of an automated loom. Maine. 1960s. $20.00
Draper Corporation. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces, green and orange] Two men with forgings, chemical apparatus. Maine. 1960s. Manufacturer of industrial and textile equipment. $25.00
Duquesne Light Company. [Bargain Lot of 10 pieces, 6 colors] Lady seated next to generator and holding lighted bulb. Pennsylvania. Specimen stock certificate. $20.00
Duquesne Light Company. [Bargain Lot of 7 pieces] Lady seated on generator holding staff with light at top. Pennsylvania. Due 1918. Specimen. Horizontal format registered note. $21.00
Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces, olive and gray] Three men, barge, tugboat, fuel storage facilities. Massachusetts. 1980s. $25.00
Eastern Gas and Fuel Association. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces] Man seated in front of tanker ships, industrial plant. Massachusetts. 1970s. $20.00
Eaton and Howard Balanced Fund. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces] Lady with balance flanked by two men. 1960s. $20.00
Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad Company. [Bargain Lot of 6 pieces, 2 colors] Oncoming smoking steam engine passing signal tower. Pennsylvania. 1960s. $30.00
Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Co. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces] NY. 1960s. Man, woman. by ABN $15.00
Erie Railroad Company. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces, 2 colors] New York. Male & female on either side of wreath enclosing name. 1950s. Small holes through vignette. by ABN $15.00
Erie Railroad Company. [Bargain Lot of 7 pieces, 2 colors] Male and female on either side of wreath enclosing company name. New York. 1982. Vertical format bond. $18.00
Eurofund, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces, blue and red] Lady running, global map behind. Maryland. 1970s. $20.00
Eurofund, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces, orange] Man, woman flanking map of Europe showing common market countries. Maryland. 1960s. $25.00
Eversharp, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces, red and purple] Lady with book. Delaware. 1960s. $20.00
Eversharp, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces, purple and red] Man with chemical apparatus holding safety razor, aerosol can. Delaware. 1970s. $20.00
Falstaff Brewing Corporation. [Bargain Lot of 6 pieces] Man, lady with Falstaff logo. Delaware. 1960s. $24.00
First National Bank of Carbondale, PA. [Bargain Lot of 15 pieces] Eagle. Pennsylvania. Unissued. $20.00
First National Mining Company. [Bargain Lot of 3 pieces] Mining scene with ore sacks loaded on flatbed railway cars. Small vignette of prospector, two burros at lower right. Nevada. 1909. Unissued. $18.00
Food Fair Stores, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces, green and yellow] Lady, cornucopia. Pennsylvania. 1950s. $20.00
Foremost Dairies, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 7 pieces] River valley flanked by two men. Company logo above. New York. 1960s. $20.00
Francana Oil and Gas Ltd. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces] Man looking at test tube. Oil wells. Canada. 1980s. $20.00
FWD Corporation. [Bargain Lot of 15 pieces, blue and green] Two men flanking FWD logo. Wisconsin. 1960s. Formerly called Four Wheel Drive Corporation. $20.00