Image Description Price
Reading Co. [Bargain Lot of 7 pieces, 4 colors] Diesel pulling train. Pennsylvania. 1970s. by ABN $15.00
Reading Company. [Bargain Lot of 10 pieces] Smoking steam engine number 2100, READING on tender. Attractive vertical format bond. Pennsylvania. 1945. Coupons. Remember Monopoly? You were told, "Take a ride on the Reading". by ABN $15.00
Reiter-Foster Oil Corporation. [Bargain Lot of 8 pieces, orange and blue] Oil field, gushing well. Delaware. 1930s. $15.00
Reliance Insurance Company. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces, brown] Lady, fire hydrant of 1817 vintage. Pennsylvania. 1970s. $15.00
Republican Valley & Kansas Railroad Company. [Bargain Lot of 6 pieces] No vignette, arched name. Omaha, Nebraska. Unissued, cancelled. Dated 188_. $12.00
Republican Valley Railroad Company. [Bargain Lot of 6 pieces] No vignette. Arched name. Printed in blue. Nebraska. Unissued but dated 18__ on face, 188_ on stub. $18.00
Richfield Oil Corporation. [Bargain Lot of 7 pieces, blue and orange] Man and woman flanking frame showing oil field. Delaware. 1960s. $14.00
RJR Holdings Co. [Bargain Lot of 7 pieces] Lady, globes, packages of Nabisco products. Former tobacco company. Registered stock size bond. Delaware. 1990. $14.00
RJR Holdings Group, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 10 pieces] Lady, man, packages of Nabisco products. Former tobacco company. Delaware. 1989. Stock size bond. $18.00
Roan Antelope Copper Mines Limited. [Bargain Lot of 15 pieces, blue and orange] Man, woman. American shares of an English company. 1950. $15.00
Roanoke Mining Company, Ltd. [Bargain Lot of 6 pieces] Lady holding wreath at upper left. Wallace, Idaho. Unissued but dated 190_. $12.00
Rochester Steamship Company. [Bargain Lot of 7 pieces] Eagle with harbor in background. Grand Island, New York. Unissued. $15.00
Rockingham Silver Mining Co. [Bargain Lot of 6 pieces] No vignette. Arched name. New Hampshire. Unissued but dated 187_. $15.00
Rockwell Spring and Axle Company. [Bargain Lot of 7 pieces] Man with spring and gear. Pennsylvania. 1950s. $15.00
Rollins Environmental Services, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces] Man with tanker truck, chemical and oil facilities. Delaware. 1980s. $15.00
Royal Dutch Petroleum Company. [Bargain Lot of 10 pieces, blue and orange] Refinery. Kingdom of The Netherlands. American shares. 1970s. $18.00
Ryder System, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 6 pieces, green] Company logo flanked by two men. Florida. 1970s. $15.00