Image Description Price
Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates. 1960s [Bargain lot of 20 pieces, 2 colors] $15.00
Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces, olive] Three men, barge, tugboat, fuel storage facilities. Massachusetts. 1980s. $15.00
Eastern Gas and Fuel Association. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces] Man seated in front of tanker ships, industrial plant. Massachusetts. 1970s. $15.00
Erie and Black Rock Railroad Company. [Bargain Lot of 5 pieces] Passenger train drawn by high stack engine. New York. Unissued but dated 18__. by Fra&L $15.00
Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Co. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces, 2 colors] NY. 1960s. Man, woman. by ABN $15.00
Erie Railroad Company.[Bargain Lot of 25 pieces] New York. Male & female on either side of wreath enclosing name. 1950s. No holes through vignette. by ABN $12.00
Erie & Wyoming Valley Rail Road Company. [Bargain Lot of 5 pieces] Smoking funnel stack engine with passenger train at station. Pennsylvania. Unissued but dated 18__. $12.00
Evansville and Terre Haute Rail Road Company. [Bargain Lot of 5 pieces] Smoking engine pulling passenger train with telegraph lines along the track. Evansville, Indiana. Unissued but dated 187_. by KrebC $15.00
Eversharp, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces, purple and red] Man with chemical apparatus holding safety razor, aerosol can. Delaware. 1970s. $15.00