Image Description Price
Argonne Divide Mining Co. No vignette. Nevada. 1920. Uncancelled. $6.00
Arizona-Mexican Mining and Smelting Company. Three mining vignettes. Arizona. Unissued but dated 190_. $11.00
Arizona Victory Copper Mines Corporation. No vignette. Delaware. 1920s. Uncancelled. by Goes $10.00
Arkansas and Arizona Copper Company.No vignette. Arizona. 1916. Uncancelled. by ABN $7.00
Arkansas State Telegraph Company. Confederate States of America. 1862. Certificate is torn in two pieces at right third and taped back together on reverse. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $249.00
Arlen Realty & Development Corp. Man beside city and suburbs. New York. 1972. See Prices
Arnot and Pine Creek Railroad Company. Passenger train traveling through the countryside. Pennsylvania. Unissued but dated 18_ on face, 188_ on back. by Sei $14.00
Art Johnson Motors, Incorporated. Distributed DeSoto and Plymouth cars in Butte, Montana. Uncanceled. 1936-1937. $9.00
Associated Hotels Corporation. Gold Bond Certificate. Ohio. 1926 $10.00
Associated Hotels Corporation. No vignette. Ohio. 1926. Uncancelled. Vertical format gold bond, with coupons by Goes $10.00
Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Topless lady reading a book. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1960. Uncancelled. $10.00
Atlanta and Charlotte Air Line Railway Company. Smoking steam engine leaving round house. Small vignette of dog at bottom of certificate. 1940s. by NBN $24.00
Atlantic and Pacific Steamship Company. Unissued. $9.00
Atlantic Avenue Railroad Company of Brooklyn. No vignette. 1920s. Certificate of deposit for bonds. $7.00
Atlantic City and Ocean City Railroad Company. No vignette. Name printed over clouds. New Jersey. Unissued but dated 190_. $18.00
Atlantic City Fire Insurance Company. Eagle with shield, green background. New Jersey. Unissued. $5.00
Atlantic Coast Line Company. Smoking steam engine with man standing at side at bottom of certificate. Connecticut. 1890s. Stock size certificate of indebtedness. by ABN $16.00
Atlantic Ice Manufacturing Co. Eagle. Delaware. 1927. by SBN $14.00
Atlantic Refining Co. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces, 5 colors] Woman, oil wells. Pennsylvania. 1960s. $15.00
Atlantic Refining Company. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces, green]Two women flanking company logo. Pennsylvania. 1960s. $15.00
Atlantic Refining Company. Two women flanking company logo. Pennsylvania. 1960s. See Prices
Atlantic Refining Company. Two women flanking company seal. Pennsylvania. 1940s. by ABN $5.00
Atlantic Refining Co. Woman, oilwells. Pennsylvania. 1960s. See Prices
Atlantic Richfield Co. [Bargain Lot of 25 pieces, 5 colors] Woman, oil wells. Pennsylvania. 1970s. $15.00
Atlantic Richfield Co. Woman, oil wells. Pennsylvania. 1970s. See Prices