Image Description Price
James Donovan Slipper Company. Eagle. Massachusetts. 1908. Uncancelled. Fold splits taped on reverse. $9.00
James Lake Water Company. No vignette. Certificate represents simultaneously ownership in the company and entitlement to irrigation rights. Wyoming. Unissued. $7.00
Jamestown, Franklin and Clearfield Railroad Company. Bare breasted ladies, man. Pennsylvania. 1909. Vertical format bond. Many cancellation holes, some through vignette. by ABN
(Special: 3 or more for $3.00 each)
Japanese Tissue Mills. Japanese lady with parasol. Massachusetts. Unissued. Cancelled. Incorporated 1899. $8.00
J. C. Penney Company, Inc. Man with plans in front of a large office building and an old store with sign reading" Golden Rule Store". Delaware. 1980s. Stock size bond. $15.00
Jenkintowm Electric Railway Company. No vignette. Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. Unissued but dated 189_. $14.00
Jerome Mackey's Judo Inc. Caricature of one Judo contestant throwing another. New York. 1974. Uncancelled. Restrictions on transfer typed over vignette. $16.00
Jersey City, City of. Eagle, ship at lower right. Multiple cut cancel holes. Multiple fold lines. Horizontal format bond. $10.00
Jersey City, City of. Ship at top. State seal at bottom. New Jersey. 1881. Cancelled with cut-outs through signature and corporate seal. $10.00
Jersey City, City of. State seal flanked by two ladies. Sailing ship at lower right. New Jersey. 1890s. Cancelled with cut outs through signatures and seal. $4.00
Jersey City, New Jersey. State seal for vignette. New Jersey. 1920s. Signed by Frank Hogue as mayor, boss of Jersey City politics. Folded, no coupons $5.00
Jewelers' League of the City of New York. Eagle with shield. Membership certificate. 1881. Uncancelled. Fold split taped on reverse. $65.00
Johnstown Rendering Company. Eagle vignette with city, tiny streetcar and tugboat. Pennsylvania. Unissued. $5.00
John Warren Watson Company. Panoramic view of a factory building. Watson Stabilator logo at bottom. Pennsylvania. 1940. Uncancelled. The Watson Stabilator was a mechanical system for improving automobile ride quality. See Prices
J. T. Tractor Company, Inc. Old tractor. New York. Unissued. Vertical format bond. $35.00
Juanita Oil Company. Faint background vignette shows drilling rigs. Embossed gold seal shows Los Angeles, California. 1901. Uncancelled. $8.00
Juniata Mining and Manufacturing Company. Attractive certificate with four vignettes. Eagle in front of factories, miner with pick, train, Ben Franklin. Tyrone, Pennsylvania. Unissued but dated 18__. $8.00
J. W. Wright and Sons Investment Company. Eagle on cliff at upper left. California. Unissued. Incorporated 1900.
(Special: 2 or more for $2.25 each)