Image Description Price
Dahl Uranium Mine, Inc. Eagle with laurel branch. Washington. 1955. Cancelled with crayon. Glue stain at left. $10.00
Danbury and Norwalk Railroad Company. Very nice depiction of a passenger train at the station. Connecticut. Unissued but dated 1905 in description. by ABN
(Special: 2 or more for $8.00 each)
Dando Printing and Publishing Company. State seal with two horses. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1892. Uncancelled. Inked writing in top margin. $15.00
Dante Gold Mining Company. No vignette. Name on tablet. Gold border. Colorado. Unissued. $12.00
Darby and Yeadon Street Railway. Street car and 2 ladies at left. Vertical format bond, 4.5%, 1904 due 1934. Issued, canceled. By ABN $32.00
Davenport, Clinton & Eastern Railway Company. Girl with Liberty cap at upper left. Iowa. Unissued. Minor wrinkle in upper border. $15.00
Davenport Consolidated Gold Mining Company. Miners in mine, six small vignettes in border design. Nevada. Unissued. Incorporated 1912. $8.00
David Buick Carburetor Corporation. Eagle on mountain. Delaware. 1919. Uncancelled. Signed by D. D. Buick of General Motors fame. $325.00
Dayco Corporation. Girl, orbiting electrons. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces, 3 colors] Delaware. 1970s. Formerly Dayton Rubber Co. Automotive rubber products. $20.00
Dayco Corporation. Girl, orbiting electrons. Delaware. 1970s. Formerly Dayton Rubber Co. Automotive rubber products. See Prices
Dayrock Mining Company. Idaho. Unissued, dated 19__. $8.00
Dayton Street Rail Road Company. Reclining dog. Arched name. Dayton, Ohio. 1890. Uncancelled. Three vertical fold lines. $49.00
Dayton & Western Rail Road Company. Small drawing of train. Horizontal format bond. Multiple fold lines. $24.00
DeCamp Consolidated Glass Casket Company. Eagle on globe. 1925. $25.00
Decker Development Company. Three mining vignettes. Kellogg, Idaho. Unissued. $16.00
Deep Sea Fisheries, Inc. No vignette. Voting Trust Certificate. 1920s. Uncanceled. $14.00
Deer Lodge Mining and Smelting Co. Deer standing on mountain. Montana. Unissued but dated 18__. $11.00
Deer Lodge Novelty Works. Lady with ship, train. Deer Lodge, Montana. Unissued. $10.00
Deertrail Monitor Mines Company. Washington. 1937 $10.00
Defense Metals, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 7 pieces] Open pit mine and mill. Idaho. Unissued. $21.00
Defense Metals, Inc. Open pit mine and mill. Idaho. Unissued. $5.00
Delaware and Hudson Company. Specimen. No vignette. Temporary bond. by ABN See Prices
Delaware and Hudson Railroad Corporation. Two ladies flank oval showing a building. New York. 1963. Vertical format bond. by ABN. One row of coupons at right
(Special: 2 or more for $6.00 each)
Delaware and Hudson Railway Company. No vignette. Delaware. Unissued. Dated 1968 in text. $15.00
Delaware County Passenger Railroad Company. Four vignettes. State seal with horses, Indian maiden, farm lady and a dog with a safe. Pennsylvania. Unissued but dated 18__, 186_ on stub. $29.00