Image Description Price
Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc. [Bargain lot of 20 pieces] Logo consisting of a winged letter W. Florida. 1983. $15.00
Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc. Logo consisting of a winged letter W. Florida. 1983. $3.00
White Motor Corporation. Lady with winged wheel. Ohio. 1970s. Manufactures trucks. See Prices
Whittier Centre Housing Company. Eagle with shield. Pennsylvania. 1925. Uncancelled. $5.00
Wichita, City of. Sewer and Street Bond Certificate. Kansas. 1957. Folded. Extensive perforation cancel. $9.00
Wichita Falls and Northwestern Railway Company. Smoking engine pulling passenger train. Oklahoma. 1907. Vertical format bond. Cancelled with rows of holes, one of which affects the vignette. By FLB $34.00
Wichita Falls & Southern Railway Co. Train with track workers. Very long vertical format bond. 1908 due 1938. By WBN. Cancellation holes affect bottom of vignette. No coupons attached. $29.00
Wilbur Mining Company, Limited. Interior view of mine, miners. Wallace, Idaho. Unissued. $4.00
Wilkes-Barre Connecting Railroad Company. Mortgage Bond Series B. Unissued. $14.00
Wilkes-Barre Transit Corporation. No vignette. Preferred stock. Dated 1951. Glue stain along left edge.
(Special: 2 or more for $5.00 each)
Williams Brothers Company. Man beside pipe line, oil wells. Nevada. 1970s. Stock size bond. Owns gas pipelines.
(Special: 3 or more for $2.00 each)
William Simon Brewery. Buffalo, New York. No vignette. 1971 $19.00
Williams Manufacturing Company. Stack of baskets. Unissued, dated 18__. Massachusetts. $15.00
Williamson and Pond Creek Railroad Company. No vignette. Kentucky. 1920s. Stub remnant at left. $15.00
Williamson and Pond Creek Railroad Company. No vignette. Kentucky. Unissued. $6.00
Williamsport Leather Goods Company. Pennsylvania. 1918. Creasing at fold lines. $12.00
William Whitman Company, Inc. Two female figures flank company initials. Massachusetts. 1920s. Chocolates. See Prices
Wills Valley Railroad Company. $1,000 bond certificate. 1860. Coupons at bottom. Folded. $495.00
Willys Corporation. No vignette. Certificate of deposit for preferred stock. 1922. $15.00
Wilmington and Northern Rail Road Company. No vignette. Unissued. $10.00
Wilmington and Northern Rail Road Company. Ship yard with ship under construction. State seals of Pennsylvania and Delaware. 1877. $18.00
Winona Railroad Co. No vignette. Indianapolis, Indiana. Unissued. $10.00
Wisconsin and Colorado Silver Mining Co. Miners at work in the mine along with the State seals of Wisconsin and Colorado. Pink paper. Colorado. Unissued but dated 188_. $16.00
Wisconsin Edison Company. Two ladies flank generator, two tiny trolleys. Wisconsin. 1920s. Inked initial above vignette. See Prices
Woodburn Mining Company. Capitol building with horse drawn carriages. Montana. Unissued. $5.00