Image Description Price
Detroit, Monroe & Toledo Railroad Company. Smoking funnel stack pulling passenger train in country. Indian maiden at left. Unissued but dated at Detroit 185_. $34.00
Detroit River Tunnel Company. Specimen. Vertical format bond with coupons. by ABN $75.00
Detroit, Rochester, Romeo and Lake Orion Railway. Trolley with name on side. Detroit, Michigan. Unissued. $16.00
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railway Company. No vignette. Bond scrip. 1905. Tape residue at center of certificate. $10.00
Dexter & Northern Railroad Co. Seated lady holding wreath at upper left. Dexter, New York. Unissued. $9.00
Dixie Traction Company. Eternal flame. Erlanger, Kentucky. Unissued. $8.00
Dixie Traction Company. Eternal flame. Kentucky. 1922. $25.00
Docks Connecting Railway Company. Passenger train at station. New Jersey. Unissued but dated 188_. $8.00
Dolgeville & Salisbury Railway Co. Eagle with outstretched wings. Utica, New York. Unissued and cancelled. $14.00
Dublin and Southwestern Railroad. Eagle on dome at upper left. Dublin, Georgia. 1906. Uncancelled. $49.00
Dubuque and Pacific Rail Road Company. Smoking funnel stack engine pulling passenger train beside lake. Additional small train vignette at lower left. Dubuque, Iowa. Unissued but dated 185_. $15.00
Dubuque and Sioux City Railroad Company. Passenger train with town behind. Iowa. 1867. Signed by Morris K. Jessup as president. Horizontal format bond, with coupons $145.00
Dubuque & Pacific Railroad Company. No vignette. 1857. Stub attached at left. $19.00
Dunkirk, Warren & Pittsburgh Railway Company. Smoking funnel stack passenger train at station. Statue of lady at right. Tiny engine at bottom. Unissued but dated 18__. Cancelled. $16.00
Dunleith & Dubuque Bridge Co. Bridge with rafts in foreground. Dubuque, Iowa. 1890. Signed by Stuyvesant Fish. Cancellation holes affect signature. $24.00
Dunleith & Dubuque Bridge Co. Smoking train crossing bridge. Iowa. Unissued but dated 186_ on stub and back. $16.00
Duquesne Traction Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Topless female in front of factory steam engine. 1890s. $18.00
Duquesne Traction Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Topless female in front of factory steam engine. Unissued but dated 18__. $12.00
Durham Street Railway. Horse drawn trolley. Durham, North Carolina. Unissued but dated 18__. $29.00