Image Description Price
Hannibal Union Depot Company. Smoking engine pulling passenger train. Hannibal, Missouri. Unissued but dated 188_. $16.00
Hanover and York Rail Road Company. Smoking train. Unissued registered bond dated 1885. Similar in size to stock. $17.00
Harlem River and Portchester Rail Road Company. Train traveling through countryside. 1901. Horizontal format bond. Stub remnant at left. $29.00
Harrisburg City Passenger Railway Company of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. No vignette. Unissued but dated 192_ on reverse. $3.00
Harrisburg Railways Company. No vignette. Certificate of deposit for the company's bonds. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 1933. $8.00
Harrisburg Railways Company. Two young men flanking capital building. Pennsylvania. Unissued. $4.00
Harrisburg Traction Co. Electrified trolley with company name on the side. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Unissued. $8.00
Hartford and Connecticut Western Railroad Company. Nineteenth century passenger train passing by farm with man plowing, hay wagons. Connecticut. 1886. $25.00
Havana, Rantoul & Eastern Rail Road Company. Smoking funnel stack pulling passenger train. Illinois. Unissued but dated 187_. $29.00
Hestonville, Mantua & Fairmount Passenger Railroad Company of Philadelphia. Four wheel trolley car with initials. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1894. Dark glue stain in left margin. $24.00
Houston, Tap and Brazoria Railway Company. Funnel stack freight train smoking along. Bales and barrels along side track. Houston, Texas. Unissued but dated 18__. by Cra $18.00
Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company. No vignette, very plain. New York and New Jersey. Unissued but dated 191_.
(Special: 2 or more for $2.25 each)
Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company. Super vignette of head on view of an interurban train going through tunnel. Train, building, yards on either side. 191_. Unissued by RBN See Prices
Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company. Super vignette of interurban train viewed head on and going through a tunnel. Train, buildings, yard on either side. New Jersey. 1913. Unissued. Horizontal format gold bond. by RBN See Prices
Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Co. Side view of an interurban train in tunnel under the river with lots of traffic above. New York and New Jersey. 1920s-40s. See Prices