Image Description Price
Gallatin Valley Electric Railway. No vignette. Bozeman, Montana. Unissued but dated 190_.
(Special: 2 or more for $3.00 each)
Geneva, Corning and Southern Railroad Company. Train traveling through countryside. New York, Pennsylvania. Unissued. Cancelled. by IBN See Prices
Georgia Light, Power and Railways, Incorporated. No vignette. 1928. $10.00
Germantown Passenger Railway Company. Certificate of Deposit. 1928. $12.00
Germantown Passenger Rail Way Company. Farmers with horses, wagon at bottom, eagle at top, heads of girl, lady. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1890. by ABN $14.00
Germantown Passenger Rail Way Company. Farmers with horses, wagon at bottom. Eagle at top. Ladies head at right. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1930s. by ABN $14.00
Gettysburg and Harrisburg Railway Company. Specimen. No vignette. This is a two page cover sheet for the purpose of extending the terms of the original bond from 1926 to 1956. Each coupon pictures a smoking engine. Original bond not included. $18.00
Gettysburg & Harrisburg Rail Road Company. High stack engine with people at side. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1880s. Stub remnant at left. $24.00
Gordon Heights Railway Co. No vignette. Delaware. Unissued but dated 189_. $12.00
Grand Rapids, Grand Haven & Muskegon Railway Co. Certificate of deposit for gold bonds. 1926 $10.00
Grand Rapids, Holland and Lake Michigan Rapid Railway. 1925. 2 Vertical folds $29.00
Grand Rapids Railroad Company. No vignette. Michigan. 1920s-30s. $19.00
Great Northern Railway Company. Specimen. $1 million temporary collateral trust bond. $24.00
Great Northern Railway Company. Specimen. Two steam trains with track workers between. 1940s. Vertical format bond, no coupons. By ABN $35.00
Great Northern Railway Company. Two steam trains with track workers between. 1946. Vertical format bond. by ABN $8.00
Great Plains Railway Company. Eagle with shield. Tiny train, ship behind. Nebraska. Unissued. $8.00
Green Bay & Lake Pepin Railway Company. Dogs head at bottom. Arched name. Unissued but dated 186_.
(Special: 2 or more for $5.00 each)
Green Bay & Lake Pepin Railway Company. Funnel stack engine pulling passenger train. Wisconsin. Unissued but dated 187_. by JonJM $14.00
Green Bay & Lake Pepin Railway Company. No vignette. Unissued but dated 18__. $8.00
Greene RailRoad Company. Arched name. Small state seal at bottom. New York. 1875. Unissued. Horizontal format bond. Fold splits taped on reverse. with coupons. $45.00
Gulf and Ship Island Railroad Company. Angel holding light bulb flanked by man, woman. Gulfport, Mississippi. Unissued. $9.00
Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway Company. Cut out cancel. Galveston, Texas. $24.00
Gulf, Mobile and Northern Railroad Company. Two steam engines in yard. Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. 1930s. by ABN See Prices
Gulf Mobile and Ohio Railroad Co. Great train vignette. Mississippi. 1940s. by SBN See Prices
Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company. No vignette. Mississippi. 1941. Scrip certificate for common stock. by SBN
(Special: 2 or more for $2.00 each)