Image Description Price
Wagner Palace Car Company. Train rounding curve at center, terminal buildings at left and right. 1880s-90s, by ABN. signed by Webb. $19.00
Ware River Rail Road Company. Portrait of man. Massachusetts. Unissued. Dated 19__. $5.00
Ware River Rail Road Company. Portrait of man with moustache Massachusetts. 1940s. $7.00
Warren Railroad Co. Certificate of deposit. No vignette. 1940s. $5.00
Warren Railroad Company. Ladies, small train, ship. New Jersey. 1940s. $12.00
Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis Electric Railroad Co. Angel holding frame showing street car. Maryland. Unissued. by NYB See Prices
Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis Electric Railroad Company. Angel holding frame showing street car. Maryland. 1920s. by NYB See Prices
Washington County Railroad Company. Smoking high stack engine 21 pulling train. 1898. $45.00
Washington County Railway Company. Engine 58 pulling passenger train. Unissued. Dated 190_. $18.00
Washington Railway and Electric Company. Street car with company name. Unissued. Cancelled. by WBN $18.00
Wat-Chung Railway Company. People waving at passing train. Second vignette at lower left shows front view of steam engine. New Jersey. Unissued but dated 18__ on front, 187_ on back. $13.00
Westchester Street Transportation Company, Inc. Eagle. New York. Unissued. $4.00
West End Street Railway Company. State seal with small Indian, train. Massachusetts. 1920s. $6.00
West End Traction Company. Company' s street car, bridge, ship on river. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unissued. Dated 189_. See Prices
Western Maryland Rail Road Company. Passenger train rounding curve. Farmers at left and miners at right. Maryland. 1868. Horizontal format bond. Left margin trimmed into border. $75.00
Western Maryland Railroad Company. Smoking train steaming through the countryside at upper left. 1933. Horizontal format bond. $12.00
Western Maryland Railway Company. Smoking steam engine at terminal, surveyors. Maryland and Pennsylvania. 1950s. See Prices
Western Maryland Railway Company. Winged Mercury in front of Diesel locomotive. Maryland and Pennsylvania. 1960s. by ABN See Prices
Western Ohio Railway Company. No vignette. 1920s. Certificate of deposit for gold bonds. $8.00
Western Pacific Railroad Co. Diesel locomotive. California. 1960s. by SCB See Prices
Western Pacific Railroad Company. Diesel locomotive. Vertical format bond. California. 1940s. By SBN See Prices
Western Rapid Transit Street Railway Company. Pennsylvania. Unissued, dated 190_. Very small chip from left edge. You will receive the certificate pictured. $10.00
Westinghouse Air Brake Company. Passenger train. Pennsylvania. 1950s. by SBN See Prices
West Jersey and Seashore Railroad Company. Locomotive and tender labled "America". New Jersey. 1940s by ABN See Prices
West Philadelphia Passenger Railway Company. Building with horse drawn trolleys. Pennsylvania. 1880s. Glue residue at left. See Prices