Image Description Price
Central Dock & Terminal Railway Company. No vignette. Arched name. Buffalo, New York. Unissued but dated 189_. $8.00
Central Indiana Railway Company. Eagle with shield. Indana. 1974. Blank form filled in with typewriter. $15.00
Central Michigan Railroad Company. Steam engine with man along side. State seal at bottom. Two ladies form support at side of frames. Michigan. 1888. Uncancelled. by ABN. with coupons $95.00
Central of Georgia Railway Company. Unusual vignette of man holding a sledge hammer. Georgia. 1950s. See Prices
Central Ohio Rail Road Company as Reorganized. Farmer at left. Vertical row of cancellation holes affects vignette. $16.00
Central Pacific Railway Company. Specimen. Two men, steam engine. Utah. Vertical format bond. $45.00
Central Passenger Railway Company. Early twentieth century electric trolley with Atlantic City on the side. New Jersey. 1903. Minor discoloration along lower edge. Glue residue at left. $35.00
Central Passenger Railway Company. Early twentieth century electric trolley with Atlantic City on the side. New Jersey. Unissued. by SBN $7.00
Central Pennsylvania Traction Company. No vignette. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 1907. Installment certificate for purchase of capital stock. Stub remnant at left.
(Special: 2 or more for $4.00 each)
Central Rail Road and Banking Company of Georgia. Funnel stack engine pulling passenger train. Train loading at lower left. Girl at lower right. Georgia. 1865. Horizontal format bond. Moisture discoloration over entire certificate. Lower right corner clipped off into the border. Edge splits taped on reverse. $42.00
Central Transportation Company. Passenger train drawn by smoking funnel stack engine. Pennsylvania. 1873. Light glue stain at left. $25.00
Central Trunk Railway Company. Smoking engine drawing passenger train. Pennsylvania. Unissued but dated 18__. $18.00
Central Vermont Railway Company. Locomotive number 15 pulling a passenger train around a curve. St. Albans, Vermont. Unissued. by ABN $27.00
Chateaugay and Lake Placid Railway Company. Passenger train at large terminal. New York. Partially filled out and cancelled but not issued. by ABN $13.00
Chattanooga Union Railway Company. Locomotive at top left. Dated 1880s. by HLB. Stub remnant at left. $32.00
Chattanooga Union Railway Company. Smoking locomotive with engineer at upper left. Tennessee. Unissued. Dated 18__. by HLB $10.00
Chautaugua Traction Company. Electric trolley viewed from the side. New York. Unissued but dated 190_. $24.00
Chemin de Fer en Colombie. Locomotive pulling train at bottom of certificate. Large size horizontal format bond with coupons attached along lower edge. Multicolor. Belgium. 1927. $19.00
Cherryvale, Oklahoma & Texas Railway Company. Smoking engine pulling freight train. Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Dated 1908. Uncancelled. Gold bond. Vertical format bond with coupons. $69.00
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Co. C and O logo, two men. Virginia. 1960s. by ABN See Prices
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company. Interior of station with people, porter with hand truck. Laborers standing next to track at bottom. Virginia and West Virginia. 1892. Uncancelled. Vertical format bond. Small edge split at center fold line. $120.00
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company. Oncoming steam engine. Virginia. 1905. Vertical format bond, no coupons. by IBN $24.00
Chester and Philadelphia Railway Co. Turn of the century trolley with pedestrians in dress of the period. Pennsylvania. Unissued. $27.00
Chester & Philadelphia Railway Co. Eagle with flag. 1910. by SBN. Brown stain along top edge. $16.00
Chester Street Railway Company. Nineteenth century trolley. Chester, Pennsylvania. Unissued. Edge split taped on reverse. $16.00