Image Description Price
NEW! Avondale School District. 1988 School Building and Site Bond. Eagle. $8.00
NEW! Brazilian Export and Development Company. Triple vignette. 1910. $24.00
NEW! Calumet-Corbin Mines Company. No vignette. Maine. 1915. By ABN $10.00
NEW! Cannon Shoe Company. Triple vignette showing salesroom, factory building and workers stitching shoes. Maryland. 1940s. $19.00
NEW! Central Coal Mining Company. Mining scene. Cleveland Ohio. 1927. $18.00
NEW! Cincinnati and Eastern Railway Co. Number 1. Dividend scrip. Woman carrying wheat. Small hole in vignette. You will receive the same certificate shown in the photo. $14.00
NEW! Cleveland & Mahoning Rail Road. No vignette. Ohio. Unissued, dated 186_. $15.00
NEW! DeCamp Consolidated Glass Casket Company. Eagle on globe. 1925. $25.00
NEW! Delaware County Trust Safe Deposit and Title Insurance Co. Pennsylvania state seal. Chester, PA. Pen cancel affects vignette, glue residue at left edge. $35.00
NEW! Durant Motors, Incorporated. Angels flanking frame containing the letter D. Delaware. 1920s. Uncancelled. $55.00
NEW! Eureka Queen Mining Company. Town in front of mountain. Nevada. Unissued, dated 19__. $10.00
NEW! Grand Union Company. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces] Eagle, preferred stock. 1950s. $15.00
NEW! Louisville Bridge Company. Train on bridge. Kentucky. 1900s-1910s. $25.00
NEW! Memphis Street Railway Company. No vignette. Preferred stock. 1943. $19.00
NEW! New Jersey Junction Railroad Company. Train in circle. Unissued. Multiple rows of punch cancel holes. $7.00
NEW! Simplex Coal & Petroleum Company. Oil field. Fold splits at top edge. Small hole near center of certificate. $16.00
NEW! Sinclair Consolidated Oil Corporation. Incorporated in New York. by ABN See Prices
NEW! Utica and Schenectady Rail Road Company. Unissued, dated 18__. New York. $18.00
NEW! Ware River Rail Road Company. Portrait of man. Massachusetts. Unissued. Dated 19__. $5.00