Image Description Price
NEW! Insull Utility Investments, Inc. Scrip Stock Certificate. 1932 $7.00
NEW! Frankford & Southwark Passenger Railroad Co. Stock Certificate. Philadelphia. 1930s $9.00
NEW! Merchants and Traders Oil Company. South Dakota. 1903 $12.00
NEW! Julio Tardos Development Company. Stock Certificate. New Jersey. 1900 $9.00
NEW! Jeffery Hardware Company. Stock Certificate. Red Lodge, Montana. Unissued $6.00
NEW! Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway. Bond Receipt Certificate. 1887 $24.00
NEW! City of Jersey City. Bond Certificate. 1894 $9.00
NEW! Nashville Railway Company. Tennessee. 1900 $79.00
NEW! North American Exploration Company, limited. 1897. Light folds $29.00
NEW! Oronogo Mining Company. Missouri. 1899 $49.00
NEW! Western Iowa Company. Unissued $6.00
NEW! Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad Company Scrip. 1887 $7.00
NEW! United Retail Stores Corporation. Bond certificate. 1920s. Vertical fold $5.00
NEW! Towle Manufacturing Company. Massachusetts. 1962. 2 vertical folds. $7.00
NEW! Tennessee, State of. $1,000 Bond Certificate. Signed by Governor Brownlow. Horizontal format bond with coupons at bottom. Folded. $175.00
NEW! Southern Express, Inc. Stock Certificate. Charlotte, North Carolina. Unissued $6.00
NEW! South States Utilities Company. Maryland. 1930s $5.00
NEW! Rumsey Petroleum Company. Stock Certificate. Oklahoma. 1919 $12.00
NEW! Rockwell Manufacturing Company. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces] 1950s-60s $15.00
NEW! Rae Consolidated Gold Dredging Company. Nevada. 1914 $29.00
NEW! Prudential Funds, Inc. Stock Certificate. 1969-71. Stray staple holes $8.00
NEW! Poulsen Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company. Stock Certificate. Arizona. $29.00
NEW! Plastic Lining Corporation. Stock Certificate. Illinois. 1944 $5.00
NEW! Owners Realty Company. $1000 Gold Bond Certificate. Chicago, Illinois. With coupons. Horizontal fold $9.00
NEW! New York, State of. Comptrollers Office Stock. Writing on back visible from front. You will receive the certificate pictured. $79.00