Image Description Price
NEW! Boston and Albany Railroad Company. Registered five per cent refunding bond. Horizontal format. by ABN See Prices
NEW! Dayrock Mining Company. Idaho. Unissued, dated 19__. $10.00
NEW! Debenture Corporation of New York. 6% Profit Sharing Debenture Gold Bond. No coupons. by RBN. $12.00
NEW! Delaware River Steel Casting Co. 1903. Uncanceled. Was folded in thirds. $35.00
NEW! Gila River Mining Company. New Orleans, Louisiana. Unissued, dated 18__. $35.00
NEW! Iowa Lillooet Gold Mining Company, Limited. 1905. Uncanceled. Incorporated under the laws of British Columbia, Canada. $29.00
NEW! Iroquois Brands LTD. Specimen. by SCB. $35.00
NEW! Kiskiminitas Coal Company. Unissued, dated 19__. by RBN. $9.00
NEW! Lehigh Valley Railroad Company. No vignette. General consolidated mortgage bond, series D. with coupons. by ABN $10.00
NEW! Lehigh Valley Railroad Company. Pennsylvania, 1951. by ABN. $9.00
NEW! Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company. Capital stock fractional scrip. 1957. $12.00
NEW! Minnesota, Dakota and Pacific Railway Company. South Dakota. Unissued, dated 190_. $9.00
NEW! New York and Fort Lee Railroad Company. No vignette. Arched name. Unissued but dated 1862. $16.00
NEW! Second & Third Street Passenger Railway Co. of Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. 1890s. $20.00
NEW! Self Service Pump Co. Eagle. 1930. by Northern Bank Note Company, Chicago. $7.00
NEW! Steubenville and Indiana Rail Road Company. Staining toward left edge. $15.00
NEW! St. Louis and Des Moines Railway Company. Iowa. Unissued, dated 190_. $20.00
NEW! St. Louis San Francisco Railway Company. Specimen. No vignette. by ABN See Prices
NEW! Tuttle Motor Company. Eagle, partly obscured by stamp. New York. 1910. Was folded in thirds. $35.00
NEW! William Simon Brewery. Buffalo, New York. No vignette. 1960s-70s. $19.00