Image Description Price
Acacia Gold Mining Company. Branch with acacia berries. Gold border. Colorado. 1890s. Mines at Cripple Creek. Stub remnant at left obscures left border. $12.00
Ahmeek Mining Company. Beavers. Michigan. 1920s $29.00
Ajax = Nevada Gold Mining Company. 1914. Pen cancel affects vignette. $19.00
Ajax-Nevada Gold Mining Company. Vignette showing mine and mill. Carson City, Nevada. Incorporated 1909. Unissued. $7.00
Alabama-Mississippi Investment and Development Company. Three mining scenes. Delaware. Unissued but dated 190_. 2 minor edge tears taped on reverse. $6.00
Alhambra Flume and Mercantile Company. No vignette, arched name in red, border in gold. Helena, Montana Territory. Unissued but dated 188_. $8.00
Alma Lincoln Mining Company. Eagle on shield. Colorado. 1930s. Vertical folds $18.00
Altamina Mining Corporation. Miners in mine. Salt Leke City, Utah. Unissued. $4.00
Amalgamated Mining & Oil Company. Mining vignette at left, oil field at right. Arizona. 1908. Uncancelled. $29.00
Amalgamated Mining & Oil Company. Mining vignette at left, oil field at right. Territory of Arizona. Unissued. Partially filled out. 190_. $16.00
Ambassador Mines Corporation. Mine and mill works. Spokane, Washington. 1940s. Stub remnant at left. $6.00
Ambassador Mines Corporation. No vignette. Spokane, Washington. 1930s. $3.00
Ambergris Consolidated Mining Company. Miners upper left. Additional small vignettes in border. Stub covers left border. Idaho. 1929. $12.00
Ambergris Consolidated Mining Company. Miners upper left. Additional small vignettes in border. Wallace, Idaho. Unissued.
(Special: 3 or more for $3.00 each)
Ambergris Mines Company. Capital building with horse drawn coaches. Idaho. Unissued.
(Special: 2 or more for $4.00 each)
Ambergris Mines Company. Idaho. 1918 $9.00
American Coal Company of Allegany County. Eagle with shield. Delaware. Unissued. by ABN $8.00
American Silver-Copper Mining, Milling & Reduction Company. Head of a moose at upper left. Montana. Unissued. 18__. $16.00
American Slate Company. Capitol building. New Jersey. 1900. Uncancelled. $15.00
American Venture and Mines Corporation. Three mining vignettes. Arizona. 1916. Uncancelled. $18.00
Anaconda Company. Copper mine. Montana. 1970s. See Prices
Anaconda Company. Man with coils of copper sheet, steam shovel. Montana. 1977. $3.00
Anaconda Copper Mining Company. Extensive mine and mill works. Montana. 1950s. by ABN 2 vertical folds. $5.00
Arcadian Consolidated Mining Company. Mining scene. Less than 100 shares. Uncanceled. 1928. You will receive the same certificate shown on the picture. $110.00
Argonne Divide Mining Co. No vignette. Nevada. 1920. Uncancelled. $6.00
Arizona-Mexican Mining and Smelting Company. Three mining vignettes. Arizona. Unissued but dated 190_. $11.00
Arizona United Mining Company. Men on mountain starting a mine. Arizona. 1917. Uncancelled. by FLB $25.00
Arizona Victory Copper Mines Corporation. No vignette. Delaware. 1920s. Uncancelled. by Goes $10.00
Arkansas and Arizona Copper Company.No vignette. Arizona. 1916. Uncancelled. by ABN $7.00
Atlas Manhattan Mining Company. Lady with flag at upper left. South Dakota. Mines located at Manhattan Mining District, Nevada. 1906. Uncancelled. $18.00
Atlas Wonder Mining Company. Female warrier and bear. California. Unissued. Incorporated 1909. $10.00
Avondale Gold Mining Co. Mining camp with covered wagon. Four small mining vignettes at corners of border. Colorado Spring, Colorado. 1900. Uncancelled. $59.00
Banner State Gold, Silver and Copper Mining Company. State seal at upper left. Colorado. Unissued. 190_. $15.00
Barranca Copper Company. Three mining vignette. Jersey City, New Jersey. 1901. Uncancelled. Fold splits taped on reverse. $15.00
Basin Goldfields, Limited. No vignette. Montana. Unissued but dated 193_. $7.00
Basin Mining and Concentrating Company. Eagle with flag. Helena, Montana. Unissued but dated 189_. $13.00
Basin Mining Company. Miners. Idaho. Unissued. 191_. $9.00
Bay City Gold Mines, Inc. Eagle. Colorado. Unissued, dated 19__ $3.00
Beauce Gold Mining and Milling Company. Beavers at upper right, miners inside mine at bottom. Canada. 1881. $39.00
Beaver Dam Gold Mining Co. Beavers working on a dam. NY with mines at Nova Scotia. Unissued. Dated 18__ on face. $24.00
Beech Creek Coal and Coke Company. Pennsylvania 1901 $19.00
Ben Hur Mining Company, Limited. Miners working in mine. Montana. 1909. Stub remnant at left. $12.00
Ben Hur Mining Company, Limited. Miners working in mine. Montana. 1910. Vignette centered. Pen cancel affects vignette. $16.00
Ben Hur Mining Company, Limited. Miners working in mine. Saltese, Montana. Unissued. $6.00
Big Elk Mining Company, Ltd. No vignette. Wallace, Idaho. Unissued. $6.00
Big Five Mining Company. Big Five logo incorporated into name and into border at five places. Wyoming. Unissued. 191_.
(Special: 3 or more for $2.50 each)
Big Five Mining Company. Pink. 1916. Wyoming $12.00
Big Ledge Copper Company. Arizona. 1919 $12.00
Black Bear-War Eagle Gold Mines, Incorporated. Two vignettes show a bear and an eagle. Mines located on Palmer Mountain, Okanogon County, Washington. Spokane, Washington. Unissued.
(Special: 2 or more for $14.00 each)
Black Cat Mining and Tunnel Company. Mining scene. Denver, Colorado. Mine located in Clear Creek County. 1896. Small tears at fold lines top and bottom. $55.00