Image Description Price
NEW! Akron Branch of the Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad Company. Vertical format bond. Multiple folds. $35.00
NEW! Atlantic and Pacific Steamship Company. Unissued. $9.00
NEW! B. L. Hamner Realty Corporation. Tampa, Florida, 1927. 1 inch tear at top edge. $9.00
NEW! Canada Southern Railway Company. Unissued. 1875 $6.00
NEW! Central of Georgia Railway Company. Vertical format bond with coupons. Folded. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $19.00
NEW! Chicago & Eastern Illinois. Fractional Stock Certificate. 1941 See Prices
NEW! Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company. 1939 $18.00
NEW! Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Car Trust. Vertical format bond. Horizontal fold. $35.00
NEW! Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis. Horizontal format registered bond. Light moisture staining toward bottom half. $18.00
NEW! Cleveland & Toledo Rail-Road Co. Ohio. Unissued, cut cancel. $18.00
NEW! Clinchfield Railroad Equipment Trust. Series D. Vertical format bond. Horizontal fold, no coupons. $12.00
NEW! Compania Cubana de Electricidad. Bond in Spanish and English. With coupons. Folded $49.00
NEW! Dayton and Western Railroad Company. Ohio. Unissued, dated 185_ $15.00
NEW! Dayton, Xenia and Belpre Rail Road Co. 1854. Left margin trimmed. $14.00
NEW! Delaware and Hudson River Railroad Corporation. Unissued. $12.00
NEW! Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company. Oswego and Syracuse Division. Vertical format bond with coupons. Folded. $15.00
NEW! Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Rail Road Company. Stock Scrip. Unissued. $14.00
NEW! East Chicago Belt Railroad Company. Indiana. 1905. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $35.00
NEW! El Paso Extension Gold Mines Corporation. No vignette. 1919 $12.00
NEW! Farmers Bank of Maryland. 1807 $95.00
NEW! First Mortgage Gold Note. Cook County, Illinois. Folded. $12.00
NEW! Hale and Norcross Mining Company. San Francisco. Unissued $4.00
NEW! Heleene Mining Company. Montana. Unissued $3.00
NEW! Helipod U.S.A. Stock Certificate. Nevada. Unissued $6.00
NEW! Lawrence, County of. Vertical format funding bond, no coupons. Folded, cancel holes. $9.00
NEW! Little Miami Railroad Company. Dividend. 1867. Cut cancelled. $15.00
NEW! Maine Central Railroad Company. 1913 $10.00
NEW! Media Drug Company. Pennsylvania. 1928 See Prices
NEW! Milwaukee and Prairie Cu Chien Railway Company. First Class Preferred Stock. 1862.You will receive the same certificate pictured. $25.00
NEW! Mohave Gold Mining Company of Arizona. 1902 $19.00
NEW! Monitor Cheese Company. Michigan. 1923. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $9.00
NEW! Moraine Mining Co. Eagle. Illinois. Unissued. Dated 190_. $5.00
NEW! National Bellas Hess Co. Inc. 1920s-30s See Prices
NEW! National Ice Company. Ohio 1919 $10.00
NEW! NCNB Corporation. $1,000 Bond Certificate 1970s. Staple top center. $9.00
NEW! New York Central Railroad Company. Consolidated Mortgage Gold Bond. Series A, $5,000. Unissued, folded. $12.00
NEW! New York Central Railroad Company. Refunding and Improvement Bond, Series A, $5,000. Unissued. Folded $12.00
NEW! New York, Pittsburgh and Chicago Railway Company. Stub remnant, margins trimmed close to border. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $45.00
NEW! New York State Restaurant Liquor License. 1930. General wear $29.00
NEW! Norwood & Montreal Railroad Company. Unissued, dated 188_ $15.00
NEW! Oakland Machine Works, Inc. Vertical format bond. Unissued. Folded. $5.00
NEW! Ohio Oil Company. Specimen. $49.00
NEW! Omaha and South Western Rail Road Company. Nebraska. Unissued. 18__ $29.00
NEW! Orangeville and Lehigh Railroad Company. Pennsylvania. Partially filled out but not signed, Small hole center right. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $24.00
NEW! Paterson & Hudson River Rail Road Company. Stock Certificate. 1933 $24.00
NEW! Peerless Motor Car Corporation. Stamped “Void - Not Issued” See Prices
NEW! Peoria & Bureau Valley Railroad Company. 1950 $12.00
NEW! Peoria & Bureau Valley Railroad Company. Unissued, dated 185_. Pen notation. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $24.00
NEW! Philadelphia Company. Specimen. Vertical format bond. Folded. Due 1945 $19.00
NEW! Plymouth Oil Company. Not dated. Staple at left edge. $7.00
NEW! Providence, City of. State of Rhode Island Providence Plantations. Unissued, dated 18__ $19.00
NEW! Providence Mountain Mining Company. Stock Certificate. Territory of Arizona Unissued $7.00
NEW! Puebla Telegraph and Telephone Co. Unissued. $5.00
NEW! Realty and Commercial Company. Vertical format gold bond, no coupons. New York, 1012. Folded. $12.00
NEW! Realty Syndicate. Paid Up Certificate. San Francisco, California. Unissued. $5.00
NEW! Realty Syndicate. Unissued. San Francisco, California. 1 vertical fold. $5.00
NEW! Red Cross Powder Company of Rhode Island. Ship at dock. Maine. 1907. Discoloration $19.00
NEW! Remington Rand, Inc. Stock Subscription Right. 1937 2 vertical folds. $12.00
NEW! Revere Oil Company. Fort Worth, Texas. 1922. $18.00
NEW! Richfield Oil Company of California. No Vignette. Certificate of Deposit. 1931 $5.00
NEW! Roofing Engineering Service Co., Inc. Stock Certificate. Unissued See Prices
NEW! Roslyn Apartments. Construction Bond Certificate. Chicago, Illinois 1925. Folded. $12.00
NEW! Rouchleau-Ray Iron Land Company. Stock Certificate. 1893. Stub remnant at left. Pen Cancel $59.00
NEW! Royal Phonograph Company. 1917 $29.00
NEW! Royal Tea Company. Illinois. Not dated. $14.00
NEW! Safety First Manufacturing Company. Bond Certificate. Virginia. Vertical format bond with coupons. Folded. $12.00
NEW! Seaboard, Pennsylvania and Western Railroad Company. Unissued, dated 188_. $19.00
NEW! Seattle and Rainier Valley Railway Company. Certificate of Deposit. 1931 $12.00
NEW! Sebasticook & Moosehead Railroad Co. No vignette. Maine. Unissued $12.00
NEW! Smart Pictures, Inc. Stock Certificate. 1920. 2 vertical folds $11.00
NEW! South Carolina, Sate of. Certificate of State Indebtedness. Unissued, 1879 $10.00
NEW! Southern Pennsylvania Railway and Mining Company. 1938. Has 2cm tear at top center margin. $19.00
NEW! Stopshok Wheel Company, Inc. Stock Certificate. 1910s. 2 vertical folds, staple holes at top edge $39.00
NEW! Stout D & C Air Lines, Inc. Stock option warrant. 1930. Small, about 7 1/2 by 6 3/4 inches. $6.00
NEW! Syracuse, Binghamtom and New York Railroad Company. 1943. Punch hole upper left. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $69.00
NEW! Terminal Ice Company. Unissued. $4.00
NEW! Thomas B. Jeffery Company of California. Stock Certificate. Predecessor of Nash. San Francisco. Unissued $9.00
NEW! Three Kings Consolidated Mining Co. Utah. Unissued. $7.00
NEW! Tonopah North Star Tunnel and Development Company. 1813 $9.00
NEW! Trenton and Mercer County Traction Corporation. New Jersey. Unissued. $24.00
NEW! Union Club Bottling Company, Inc. Wadesboro, North Carolina 1920s - 40s. 2 vertical folds, stray staple holes See Prices
NEW! Utica Belt Line Street Railroad Company. No vignette. 1899. $39.00
NEW! Virginian Railway Company. Specimen. Pen notation upper left corner. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $35.00
NEW! Wyoming Land & Credit. Co. Unissued. $7.00
NEW! Wyoming Placer Corporation. Nevada. Unissued. $9.00