Image Description Price
NEW! Albany and Susquehanna Railroad Company. Specimen. Temporary general mortgage bond. No vignette. By ABN $25.00
NEW! American Ship Building Company. Specimen. By ABN. $95.00
NEW! Avondale School District. 1988 School Building and Site Bond. Eagle. $8.00
NEW! Broadway and Dey Street Company. New York, 1907 $35.00
NEW! Central Ohio Rail Road Company as Reorganized. Farmer at left. Vertical row of cancellation holes affects vignette. $20.00
NEW! Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Chicago Railway Company. 1880s. By FBN $29.00
NEW! Cleveland & Mahoning Rail Road. No vignette. State of Ohio. 1860s-70s. With revenue stamp. $34.00
NEW! Columbus Southern Railway Company. Common Stock, 100 shares. Stub remnant at left obscures border. $59.00
NEW! Delaware and Hudson Company. Specimen. No vignette. Temporary bond. by ABN See Prices
NEW! General Theatres Equipment, Inc. Specimen. No vignette. Voting trust certificate for preferred stock. by ABN $29.00
NEW! Grand Rapids Railroad Company. No vignette. Michigan. 1920s-30s. $24.00
NEW! Grand Union Company. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces] Eagle, preferred stock. 1950s. $15.00
NEW! Great Northern Paper Company. Specimen. Maine. By ABN. $18.00
NEW! Great Northern Railway Company. Specimen. Temporary Bond Series C. No vignette. by ABN. Several fold lines. $25.00
NEW! Hamill Divide Mining Company. Eagle. Nevada. 100 shares. 1921. Uncanceled. $29.00
NEW! Indiana, Illinois & Iowa Railway Company. No vignette. Unissued, dated 189_. $14.00
NEW! Interborough Consolidated Corporation. New York. 1920s. by ABN $24.00
NEW! Jersey City, City of. Eagle, ship at lower right. Multiple cut cancel holes. Multiple fold lines. Horizontal format bond. $10.00
NEW! Kokomo, Marion and Western Traction Company. Electric railroad car with company name on side, passengers. Indiana. Unissued, dated 19__ $19.00
NEW! Lackawanna Railroad Company of New Jersey. Bridge. 1930s-40s. by ABN $5.00
NEW! Lake View State Bank. Bank building. Chicago, Illinois. 1920s-1930. Uncancelled. $22.00
NEW! Mason Tire & Rubber Company. Ohio. No vignette. 1928. Was folded in thirds. $24.00
NEW! Mexico Tramways Company. Deposit Receipt for bond. See Prices
NEW! Michigan Central Railroad Company. Specimen. 1 year bearer gold note. by ABN See Prices
NEW! Michigan Central Railroad Company. Specimen. Gold coupon note of 1907. by ABN. Coupons folded at left. Was folded in thirds. $19.00