Image Description Price
Calaveras Water and Mining Company. Calaveras County, California. 1880s. No vignette. Site of Mark Twain's short story about jumping frogs.
(Special: 2 or more for $12.00 each)
California Divide Mining Company. Several miners working in a sluice. Nevada. 1919. Uncancelled. $16.00
Callahan Mining Corp. Scales for weighing gold. Arizona. 1960s. See Prices
Calumet and Arizona Mining Company. Nice mining vignette showing men working in the mine. Arizona. 1920s. See Prices
Calumet and Hecla Consolidated Copper Company. Indians smoking pipe. Michigan. 1950s. by ABN See Prices
Calumet-Corbin Mines Company. No vignette. Maine. 1915. By ABN $9.00
Calumet & Hecla, Inc. Indians smoking pipe. Michigan. 1950s. Successor to Calumet and Hecla Consolidated Copper. See Prices
Canyon Coal Mining Co. Ltd. Miners woking inside a mine. Idaho. Unissued but dated 190_.
(Special: 2 or more for $5.00 each)
Capuzaya Mining Company. Washington, D.C. 1906. $9.00
Carbon-Canyon Oil Company. Drilling towers at upper left. California. 1900. Uncancelled. $16.00
Carbon Coal Company. Elk in forest. South Dakota. Unissued. $7.00
Caribou Mining and Developing Company. Three mining scenes. Shawnee, Ohio. Incorporated in West Virginia. Unissued but dated 190_. $8.00
Carmer Mining Company. Miners examining an ore sample. Aspen, Colorado. Unissued but dated 189_. $12.00
Carolina Mining Company. No vignette. Fancy frame. Beaufort, South Carolina. Unissued. $9.00
Cascade Mining Company. Indian and sailor at top, Indian maiden at lower right. Inscribed "Silver Mine Georgetown Colorado". Unissued but dated 18__.
(Special: 2 or more for $13.00 each)
Cash Entry Mining Company. Batman, Arizona. Unissued, dated 19__ $6.00
Castle Rock Milling and Mines Company. Colorado. Unissued dated 191_. Miners working inside mine. $12.00
Centennial Claims, Inc. Mining and milling works. Idaho. 1934. $12.00
Central American Mineral Resources, S. A. Lady with two men. Panama. 1958. Uncancelled. $9.00
Central Coal Mining Company. Mining scene. Cleveland Ohio. 1927. $18.00
Chickamonstone Copper Mining Company, Limited. River labeled "Bull River Canyon - Water Power on the company's property". British Columbia. Canada. Unissued. $5.00
Chollar Extnsion Mining Company. Eagle on mountain. Nevada. 1937. Uncancelled. $5.00
Clara-Swansea Mining Company. Miners in mine, one pushing ore cart. Nevada. Unissued. $10.00
Clark Gold Mines Limited. No vignette. Production Warrant. This is a note to be repaid at 25 percent interest from the net proceeds of the production of a mill to be constructed. Quebec. Canada. 1937.
(Special: 2 or more for $2.25 each)
Clark's Fork Gold Mining Company. Mining vignette at upper left, six small mining vignettes in border. Missoula, Montana. Unissued but dated 190_. $16.00