Image Description Price
New York, State of. Loan for the Construction of Buildings for State Institutions. State seal of New York. 1950s. Horizontal format bond. $4.00
Orange, County of. Special Tax School District Number One. $1,000. School Building Bond. Vertical format bond. 1926. Unissued, canceled. $5.00
Passaic, City of. [Bargain Lot of 4 Pieces] New Jersey water supply bond of 1935. $15.00
Passaic, City of. New Jersey water supply bond of 1935. $6.00
Philadelphia, Ciy of. Ten vignettes. Building, train, bridge, dockside, farmer, lady and four portraits. Pennsylvania. 1870s. Red overprint "Free from all taxes". Horizontal format bond. Significant fold splits taped on reverse. $16.00
Providence, City of. Eagle on mountain. Rhode Island. 1950s. Vertical format bond. See Prices
Providence, City of. Roger Williams in boat greeting Indians with the expression "What Cheer". Rhode Island. 1890s. Horizontal format bond. $19.00
Providence, City of. Roger Williams in long boat being greeted by Indians. Rhode Island. 1930s. Vertical format bond. See Prices
Providence, City of. View of a city. Providence Plantations, Rhode Island. Unissued but dated 18__. Stock size bond. $35.00
Province of Saskatchewan. Canada. Indian, buffalo, farmer, beaver. Bond in U. S. dollars. 1982. $5.00
Richland, Town of. Aerial view of town with passenger train in foreground. Oswego County, New York. 1870. Horizontal format bond. Bottom edge trimmed close, a little rough. Vertical fold down center. $23.00
Sesqui-Centennial Exhibition Association. Exhibition building. Liberty bell as background vignette. Pennsylvania. Unissued but dated 192_. $75.00
South Carolina, State of. Palm tree at upper left, man with horse and dog at rignt, state seal at bottom. Columbia, South Carolina. Unissued but dated 18__. Deficiency Stock under the act of March 22, 1878. $16.00
South Carolina, State of. Unissued $1,000 bond. Columbia, 18__. Facsimile signature of Robert K. Scott. $49.00
Tucuman, Municipality of. No vignette. Scrip for redemption of bond coupons. Argentina. 1932. Specimen. $18.00
United States of America War Saving Certificate. Areas for affixing savings stamps. Series of 1920. Moisture discoloration at right. $75.00
Ville de Montreal. Two ladies flanking shield. Quebec, Canada. 1982. In French. Vertical format bond. $4.00
Virginia, Commonwealth of. Statue of Washington on horseback. Virginia. 1871. Uncancelled. Wear along center fold line. $375.00
Yonkers, City of. School bond. No vignette. Arched name. New York. 1910s. $4.00