Image Description Price
Avondale School District. 1988 School Building and Site Bond. Eagle. $8.00
Bellevue, Borough of. State seal with two horses. Pennsylvania. County of Allegheny. 1892. Horizontal bond. Bottom edge is a bit rough. $22.00
Bradford, Village of. Water bond. Horizontal format bond with coupons. 1891 $12.00
City of Jersey City Bond Certificate. 1890s. Light folds. $12.00
City of Terre Haute School Bond Certificate. Indiana. 1944 $6.00
District of Columbia Public Works Bond. 1873. About 9 inches by 4 inches. $17.00
Essex County Volunteer War Bond Certificate. for $100 New York. 1864. Folded $69.00
Finnish Export Credit Limited. Note of 1970 guaranteed by the Republic of Finland. $1,000.00. In English. No vignette. No coupons. $3.00
Great Falls, Montana, City of. Great vignette shows the Great Falls. Montana. 1910s. Vertical format bond with coupons
(Special: 2 or more for $3.00 each)
Illinois, State of. First Mortgage Leasehold Estate Gold Bond. Vertical format bond with coupons. $15.00
Jersey City, City of. Eagle, ship at lower right. Multiple cut cancel holes. Multiple fold lines. Horizontal format bond. $10.00
Jersey City, City of. Ship at top. State seal at bottom. New Jersey. 1881. Cancelled with cut-outs through signature and corporate seal. $10.00
Jersey City, City of. State seal flanked by two ladies. Sailing ship at lower right. New Jersey. 1890s. Cancelled with cut outs through signatures and seal. $4.00
Jersey City, New Jersey. State seal for vignette. New Jersey. 1920s. Signed by Frank Hogue as mayor, boss of Jersey City politics. Folded, no coupons $5.00
Lauderdale, Town of. Certificate of stock. Pontotoc, Mississippi. 1836. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $249.00
Lawrence, County of. Vertical format funding bond, no coupons. Folded, cancel holes. $9.00
Los Angeles, City of. Lady, seal of the city. Los Angeles, California. 1920s. Street improvement bond. Numerous cancellation holes including the vignette. $4.00
Louisiana, State of. State seal of pelican feeding young. Louisiana. 1872. Auditors Warrant authorizing payment of amounts owed by the state. Edge splits taped on reverse. $45.00
Mississippi, State of. $2,000 bond certificate. Mississippi Union Bank. 1838. Significant fold splits at multiple folds. Coupons detached from bottom of bond. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $195.00
New York City Housing Authority. Man with blueprint, city in back. New York. 1952. Vertical format bond. Folded $2.00
New York, City of. Indian with elaborate head dress. New York,. 1961. For Rapid Transit Railroad. Horizontal format bond. $12.00
New York, State of. Comptrollers Office Stock. Writing on back visible from front. You will receive the certificate pictured. $79.00
Norfolk, City of. Paving Bond. Virginia. Margins trimmed, folded See Prices
Passaic, City of. [Bargain Lot of 4 Pieces] New Jersey water supply bond of 1935. $15.00
Passaic, City of. New Jersey water supply bond of 1935. $6.00