Image Description Price
Arkansas State Telegraph Company. Confederate States of America. 1862. Certificate is torn in two pieces at right third and taped back together on reverse. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $249.00
Avondale School District. 1988 School Building and Site Bond. Eagle. $8.00
Baker, City of. Special Improvement Bond. Montana. 1920. No coupons. Horizontal folds. $10.00
Bellevue, Borough of. State seal with two horses. Pennsylvania. County of Allegheny. 1892. Horizontal bond. Bottom edge is a bit rough. $22.00
Bradford, Village of. Water bond. Horizontal format bond with coupons. 1891 $12.00
Chinese Government Lottery Loan. 1927. $5. China $12.00
Great Falls, Montana, City of. Great vignette shows the Great Falls. Montana. 1910s. Vertical format bond with coupons
(Special: 2 or more for $3.00 each)
Hawaii, State of. Man, woman, state seal. Airports System Revenue Bond. 1980s. Stock size bond.
(Special: 2 or more for $8.00 each)
Illinois, State of. First Mortgage Leasehold Estate Gold Bond. Vertical format bond with coupons. $15.00
Jersey City, City of. Eagle, ship at lower right. Multiple cut cancel holes. Multiple fold lines. Horizontal format bond. $10.00
Jersey City, City of. Ship at top. State seal at bottom. New Jersey. 1881. Cancelled with cut-outs through signature and corporate seal. $10.00
Jersey City, City of. State seal flanked by two ladies. Railroad train at lower right. New Jersey. 1873. Beige background with blue border. Coupons at bottom. $25.00
Jersey City, City of. State seal flanked by two ladies. Sailing ship at lower right. New Jersey. 1890s. Cancelled with cut outs through signatures and seal. $4.00
Jersey City, New Jersey. State seal for vignette. New Jersey. 1920s. Signed by Frank Hogue as mayor, boss of Jersey City politics. Folded, no coupons $5.00
Lauderdale, Town of. Certificate of stock. Pontotoc, Mississippi. 1836. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $249.00
Lawrence, County of. Refunding bond. Dakota Territory. Vertical format bond with coupons. Folded, numerous cancel holes. $35.00
Lawrence, County of. Vertical format funding bond, no coupons. Folded, cancel holes. $9.00
Los Angeles, City of. Lady, seal of the city. Los Angeles, California. 1920s. Street improvement bond. Numerous cancellation holes including the vignette. $4.00
Louisiana, State of. State seal of pelican feeding young. Louisiana. 1872. Auditors Warrant authorizing payment of amounts owed by the state. Edge splits taped on reverse. $45.00
Mayor and Council of Middletown. Eagle with shield. Middletown, Delaware. 1938. Unissued. Cancelled. Vertical format bond. See Prices
New York, City of. Indian with elaborate head dress. New York,. 1961. For Rapid Transit Railroad. Horizontal format bond. $14.00
New York, City of. Revenue Bond. 1858. Bottom right corner missing. Fold Splits. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $45.00
Orange, County of. Special Tax School District Number One. $1,000. School Building Bond. Vertical format bond. 1926. Unissued, canceled. $5.00
Passaic, City of. [Bargain Lot of 4 Pieces] New Jersey water supply bond of 1935. $15.00
Passaic, City of. New Jersey water supply bond of 1935. $6.00