Image Description Price
B02 The Stock And Bond Collectors Price Guide. By Bill Yachtman. Over 1200 stocks and bonds are illustrated and priced. An introductory section describes various aspects of collecting. Published in 1984. 234 pages. Signed by author. $12.00
B01 Scriptophily - The Art Of Finance. By Keith Hollender. This book is about collecting stocks and bonds. It gives a history of the hobby and explains collecting themes, how to build a collection and valuation. 157 pages, 120 illustrations, many in color. Appendices list dealers, publications and societies. $10.00
B05 American Automotive Stock Certificates by Lawrence Falater. Over 1200 American automotive stock certificates covering a 100 year period are described and priced. There are more than 500 illustrations. Hardbound in a horizontal format. $14.00
B06 The Scripophilist's Pocket Price Guide. This book lists and prices over 25,000 different stocks and bonds from around the world with about 70 percent of the book being devoted to the United States. There are no illustrations. The emphasis is on compactness to provide portability. Soft covers. 138 pages. $12.00