Image Description Price
Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates. 1960s [Bargain lot of 20 pieces, 2 colors] $15.00
Belknap Hardware and Manufacturing. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces, orange and green] Bearded man. Kentucky. 1930s. Stub remnant at left. $15.00
Boston Terminal Company. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces] South Station terminus of the Old Colony Railroad and the New York New Haven Railroad. 1897. Horizontal format bond. by ABN $15.00
United States Cashier Company of Chicago. [Bargain lot of 5 pieces]Capital building with horse drawn coaches. Illinois. 1910s $15.00
Reese Oil and Gas Company. [Bargain Lot of 3 pieces] Dear at lower right corner. Clarksburg, West Virginia. Unissued but dated 19__. $15.00
Universal Lock=Tip Co. [Bargain lot of 5 pieces] Liberty at upper left. Massachusetts. $15.00
Valencia Corporation. [Bargain lot of 10 pieces, 2 colors] First Mortgage Gold Bond. Vertical format. New Mexico Fold splits at center fold. $15.00
Wayland Joint Company. [Bargain lot of 3 pieces] Virginia. Unissued, dated 18__ $15.00
United States Lines Co. [Bargain lot of 10 pieces, 2 colors] Ocean liner. New Jersey. 1960s. $15.00
Watertown Water, Light and Power Company. [Bargain Lot of 6 pieces, 2 colors] Vignette shows water works with large tower, small horse drawn vehicles. Watertown, South Dakota. Unissued. 18__. $15.00
Wisconsin Edison Company. [Bargain Lot of 6 pieces, purple] Two ladies flank generator, two tiny trolleys. Wisconsin. 1920s. Inked initial above vignette. $15.00
Yuba Goldfields, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces] Eagle on mountain. Delaware. 1970s. $15.00
Shoshoni Power and Irrigation Company. [Bargain Lot of 4 pieces] Great view of company owned dam with the floodgates open. Wyoming. 1912. Vertical format gold bond with coupons. $15.00
Leonard Mine Extension. [Bargain Lot of 5 pieces] Three mining vignettes. Arizona. Unissued. $15.00
Ford International Capital Corporation. [Bargain Lot of 4 pieces] Old time Ford automobile in front of city and country highways. Delaware. 1968. Vertical format bond. Convertible into common stock of Ford Motor Company. $15.00
Michigan Consolidated Gas Company. [Bargain Lot of 18 pieces] Lady and man. Michigan. 1970s. Stock size bond. $15.00
Leasco Corporation. [Bargain lot of 20 pieces, 2 colors] Lady with globe, city. Delaware. 1970s. Leasing company. $15.00
Harvey-Elliott Mining Company. [Bargain Lot of 4 pieces] Miners in mine. Mines in Hancock County, Maine. Unissued. Dated 188_. Incorporated in New York. $18.00
American Bank Note Company. [Bargain Lot of 6 pieces, 2 colors] The well known printer of stocks, bonds. Vignette is the eagle that appears on many of the company' s products. New York. 1940s. $15.00
Beacon Chocolate Company. [Bargain Lot of 10 pieces] No vignette. Certificate of Deposit. 1920s. $15.00
Co-Operative Pure Milk Association. Dairy. [Bargain Lot of 20 pieces, 2 colors]Two vignettes show farm, old house. Association logo with two hands shaking. Ohio. Unissued. $15.00
Central National Bank of Washington City, [Bargain Lot of 7 pieces] District of Columbia. Capitol building with horse drawn coaches. Washington, D. C. Unissued but dated 190_ on stub. $15.00
Calumet and Arizona Mining Company. [Bargain Lot of 6 pieces, 2 colors] Nice mining vignette showing men working in the mine. Arizona. 1920s. $15.00
New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co. [Bargain Lot of 10 pieces, green] Man, woman, frame showing three engines. Vertical format bond. 1950s. by COL $15.00
Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad Co. [Bargain Lot of 10 pieces, 2 colors] Steam engine traveling through the countryside. 1970s. by ABN $15.00