Image Description Price
American Brands, Inc. American Indian in war bonnet at top center of certificate. New Jersey. 1980s. Successor to American Tobacco Company. Stock size bond. $5.00
American Brands, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 15 pieces, assorted colors] American Indian in war bonnet at top center of certificate. New Jersey. 1970s. Successor to American Tobacco Company. $20.00
American Brick Company. Eagle. Massachusetts. 1928. $10.00
American-British Home Building Assoc. Angel, man, woman. Rhode Island. Issued, not cancelled. 1930s.
(Special: 3 or more for $3.00 each)
American-British Home Building Association. Two vignettes at left and right showing ladies. Rhode Island. 1920s. Uncancelled.
(Special: 2 or more for $4.00 each)
American Cable & Radio Corporation. Mercury with two globes. Delaware. 1960s. See Prices
American Cable & Radio Corporation. Mercury with two globes. Delaware. Specimen. $20.00
American Can Company. Eagle. New Jersey. 1970s. Vertical format bond.
(Special: 2 or more for $1.50 each)
American Can Company. Man, three women in front of gear. Stock size bond. New Jersey. 1980s.
(Special: 2 or more for $2.25 each)
American Coal Company of Allegany County. Eagle with shield. Delaware. Unissued. $10.00
American Continental Homes, Inc. Very plain logo. Ohio. 1976. Uncancelled. $7.00
American Controlled Oilfields, Inccorporated. No vignette. Maryland. 1930. Uncancelled. $10.00
American Diversified Securities, Inc. Financial growth chart with industrial symbols. Delaware. 1961. Uncancelled. $10.00
American Dredging Company. Three maritime vignettes. A paddle wheel steamboat at top, two vignettes of floating dredges at lower left and right. Philadelphia. 1880s. $50.00
American Dredging Company. Vignette shows a floating dredge pumping silt from the river bottom. Pennsylvania. 1929. $29.00
American Drug and Press Association. No vignette. Advertising stock certificate which could be redeemed upon expiration of the contract. Decorah, Iowa. 1917. Uncancelled. $20.00
American Dual Vest Fund. Man, woman. Delaware. 1960s. See Prices
American Export Lines, Inc. Ship named Export Ambassador. New York. 1961. Vertical format bond.
(Special: 2 or more for $8.00 each)
American Friend Publishing Company. No vignette. Pennsylvania. 1897. Uncancelled. $10.00
American General Insurance Company. Portrait of George Washington. Texas. 1979.
(Special: 2 or more for $4.00 each)
American Guaranty Financial Corporation. Soaring eagle. Oregon. Specimen. $15.00
American-Hawaiian Steam Ship Company. Smoking steam ship with sails. New Jersey. 1910s. $80.00
American International Aluminum Corporation. World globe. Florida. Specimen. $10.00
American-Japanese Investment Co., Ltd. Eagle flying in front of the sun. Territory of Hawaii. 1927. Stub remnant at left. $49.00
American Locker Company, Inc. [Bargain Lot of 7 pieces, 3 colors] Very unusual vignette at center background of certificate showing a lady using one of the company' s lockers. Eagle at top. Delaware. 1940s. $18.00