Image Description Price
Washougal Gold and Copper Mining Company. Miners in a mine. South Dakota. 1913. Uncancelled. $16.00
Wat-Chung Railway Company. People waving at passing train. Second vignette at lower left shows front view of steam engine. New Jersey. Unissued but dated 18__ on front, 187_ on back. $16.00
Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railroad. Vignette of a switching engine. Iowa. 1950s. Uncancelled. $15.00
Watertown Federal Savings and Loan Association. Two hands cutting a dollar coin with the motto "Save a Piece of Every Dollar". 1950s. $7.00
Watertown Water, Light and Power Company. Vignette shows water works with large tower, small horse drawn vehicles. South Dakota. 1896. Stub remnant at left. Pen cancel crosses vignette. See Prices
Watertown Water, Light and Power Company. Vignette shows water works with large tower, small horse drawn vehicles. Watertown, South Dakota. Unissued. 18__. See Prices
Water Valley Foundry Co., Inc. Seated man with gear, factory. New York. Unissued. $12.00
Wauchula Cucumber and Tomato Growers Cooperative. Eagle on dome. Wauchula, Florida. 1952. Pen cancel crosses vignette. Minor wrinkling in top margin. $15.00
Waurika Ice and Electric Company. Lady seated on generator while holding light bulb. Oklahoma. Unissued. $9.00
Waverly Co-operative Bank. Photo vignette of a house. Belmont, Massachusetts. 1940s. $4.00
Waverly Short Line. Steam engine at loading dock. Second vignette shows women, child, steamboat at lower left. Waverly, Iowa. Unissued but dated 18__. $24.00
Wayland Joint Company. Virginia. 1898. Discoloration along right edge, stub at left. $29.00
Wayland Joint Company. Virginia. Unissued, dated 18__ $15.00
Wayne Food Products Company, Inc. Vertical format bond with coupons at right and left. New York. $7.00
Wayne Title and Trust Company. Colonial military officer. Wayne, Pennsylvania. 1891. Light glue stain at left. $22.00
Wayne Title and Trust Company. Portrait of General Wayne. Wayne, Pennsylvania. Unissued but dated 190_ on stub. Cancelled. $9.00
Wayside Knitting. State seal with two ladies. Troy, New York. 1898. Light glue stain at left edge. $9.00
Webb & Knapp, Inc. Vignette shows the United Nations building comples. Delaware. 1962. Uncancelled. Company was engaged in real estate development. Facsimile signature of William Zeckendorf, famous for his financial dealings. $15.00
Weehawken Guaranty Company. Indian wearing ceremonial headdress. Guaranteed first mortgage certificate. New Jersey. 1932. Similar to a vertical format bond. $5.00
Weir Frog Company. Unusual certificate has six vignettes distributed over the entire certificate. Each shows a different aspect of a train rail switching mechanism. Cincinnati. Ohio. Unissued. Dated 188_. $45.00
NEW! Wellington Investment Company. Receipt for stock. Boulder, Colorado. 1909 $9.00
Wennersten Mining Company, Ltd. [Bargain Lot of 6 pieces] Silver City, Idaho. 1920s. $15.00
Wennersten Mining Company, Ltd. Silver City, Idaho. 1920s. $5.00
Wennersten Mining Company. Miners in mine at upper left. Six small mining vignettes in border. Silver City, Idaho. Unissued. Moisture stains on upper edge. $3.00
West Branch Coal Company. Miners in mine. Pennsylvania. Unissued. Dated 189_ or reverse. $9.00