Image Description Price
Virginian Railway Company. Passenger train in circle flanked by two men. Virginia. 1970s. Horizontal format bond. By ABN See Prices
Virginia Railway and Power Company. Ladies next to generator and trolley cars. Virginia. Unissued. See Prices
Virginia Railway and Power Company. Ladies next to generator. Small trolley cars. Virginia. 1910s. See Prices
Virginia Safety Appliance Corporation. Eagle. Virginia. 1950s. Uncancelled. $5.00
Virginia Southwestern Coal and Timber Company. Logger in forest flanked by two mining scenes. Virginia. 1905. Uncancelled. Vertical format bond. $49.00
Virginia State Agricultural Society. Certificate of life membership. Virginia seal, train, ship, agricultural themes. 1882. Fold splits taped on reverse. $49.00
Volvo Cement Corporation. Eagle. Delaware. 1941. $7.00
Vulcan Charcoal Iron and Steel Co. State seal with horses. Pennsylvania. Unissued. Cancelled. Edge tear taped on reverse. $12.00
Vulcan Coal Company. Miners working in mine. West Virginia. Unissued but dated 190_. Owned by Norfolk and Western Railroad. $5.00
Wagner Palace Car Company. Train rounding curve at center, terminal buildings at left and right. 1880s-90s, by ABN See Prices
Wahnetah Land and Improvement Company. State seal with two horses, Indian brave, topless Indian maiden. Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania. Unissued but dated 18__. $16.00
Waldorf System Incorporated. Two people, apple inscribed WALDORF LUNCH. Massachusetts. 1920s. See Prices
Walker Hotel Corporation. Hotel with 1920s automobiles. Washington, D. C. 1920s. $12.00
Walker Hotel Corporation. Hotel with 1920s automobiles. Washington, D. C. Unissued. $4.00
Walt Disney Productions. Pictures Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse on his shoulder. California. Unissued. Cancelled. $49.00
Waltham Watch and Clock Company. No vignette. Fractional share of common stock. Massachusetts. 1923.
(Special: 2 or more for $1.50 each)
Waltham Watch Company. 1959-60 by COL. $6.00
Waltham Watch Company. Eagle carrying pocket watch. Massachusetts. Unissued. Brown common for 100 shares. $7.00
Wann-Oka. Oil and Gas Company. Panoramic view of oil field. Kansas. 1918. Uncancelled. Not incorporated. Certificate represents an interest in an oil field development. Fold splits taped on reverse. Minor discoloration. $12.00
Ward Apartments. No vignette. Illinois. 1915. Horizontal format gold bond. $4.00
Wardner Mining and Milling Company. Three mining vignettes. Kellogg, Idaho. Unissued. $7.00
Ware River Rail Road Company. Portrait of man. Massachusetts. Unissued. Dated 19__. $5.00
Ware River Rail Road Company. Portrait of man with moustache Massachusetts. 1940s. $7.00
Warren County Traction Company. No vignette. Pennsylvania. 1909. Uncancelled. Horizontal format bond with coupons. $69.00
Warren Railroad Co. Certificate of deposit. No vignette. 1940s. $5.00