Image Description Price
NEW! Saint Joseph and Western Railroad Company. State of Kansas. 1880. $29.00
NEW! San Gabriel Syndicate. No vignette. Certificate provides rights to a share of the profits of San Gabriel Plantation. Illinois. Fold splits taped on reverse. $7.00
NEW! Sanitary Plumbing Co., Inc. Illinois. 1920s $4.00
NEW! Seaboard Coast Line Railroad. Equipment Trust No. 14. Stock Size bond certificate. by SCB. $7.00
NEW! Security Storage and Safe Deposit Company. Virginia. Vertical format bond with coupons at right. Perforation affects vignette. $8.00
NEW! Shreveport El Dorado Pipe Line Company, Inc. Eagle. Louisiana. 1935 $8.00
NEW! South Bend, City of. County of St. Joseph, Indiana. Sewage Works revenue bond. Vertical format bond, no coupons. Cancellation holes affect bottom of vignette. $4.00
NEW! Southern Cities Utilities Company. Triple vignette of angel with wheel, transmission lines, water fall. 1931. $7.00
NEW! Southern Iron and Steel Company. Specimen. New Jersey. Vertical format bond with coupons. $59.00
NEW! Southern Natural Gas Corporation. No vignette. 1930s $7.00
NEW! Southern States Consolidated Corporation. Eagle. Maine. 1910s-20s $7.00
NEW! Southland Public Service Company. Dallas, Texas. Unissued, dated 19__ $5.00
NEW! Southwest Power Company. Clenched fist with lightning bolts, power transmission lines. Delaware. 1920s $8.00
NEW! Standard Automatic Ice Machine Co. Pennsylvania. Unissued. Fold splits taped on reverse. Small tear upper left. $7.00
NEW! Stroudsburg National Bank. Interim certificate. Pocono Manor Association. 1932 $6.00
NEW! Studebaker Corporation. 1920s. By ABN $29.00
NEW! Sunray Oil Corporation. Man with logo and globe. 1950s See Prices
NEW! Swift & Company. Specimen. Illinois. by ABN $29.00
NEW! Tai-Metals Milling Company. Kellogg, Idaho. Unissued, dated 19__. by Goes. $7.00
NEW! Texas Utilities Company. Specimen. by ABN $18.00
NEW! Thunderbolt Uranium Corporation. Utah. 1955 $8.00
NEW! Transogram Company, Inc. Pennsylvania. 1971. One set staple holes at left edge. Light stray mark toward upper right corner. You will receive the certificate pictured. $69.00
NEW! United One Cent to One Dollar Stores. Eagle. Amarillo, Texas. $11.00
NEW! United States Cashier Company of Chicago. Capital building with horse drawn coaches. Illinois. 1910s $6.00
NEW! United States Gypsum Company. [Bargain lot of 25 pieces] Eagle. 100 shares. $15.00