Image Description Price
NEW! Iowa Central Railway Company. Specimen. Vertical format bond with coupons. by ABN $55.00
NEW! Kansas City Railways Company. Vertical format bond with coupons. By ABN $35.00
NEW! Kelly Reamer Company. Cleveland, Ohio. 1915. Heavy cancel. $8.00
NEW! Kentucky and South Atlantic Railway Company. Vertical format bond with coupons. $69.00
NEW! La Porte Oil & Refining Corporation. No vignette. Maryland 1919. 1 inch tear at right edge. $6.00
NEW! Lehigh Avenue Railway Company. Pennsylvania. Unissued, dated 18__. $15.00
NEW! Liggett & Myers Incorporated. Man and woman flank logo. 1970s See Prices
NEW! Market Street Railway Company. No Vignette. Unissued, dated 192_ $10.00
NEW! Mid-Continent Petroleum Properties, Inc. Louisiana. 1960s $7.00
NEW! Morris Canal and Banking Company. Scrip certificate. Unissued. $25.00
NEW! Morris Canal & Banking Company of 1844. New Jersey. Pen cancel touches bottom of vignette. $15.00
NEW! National Insurance Agency. Arizona. Unissued, dated 19__ $5.00
NEW! New Hope and Ivyland Railroad Company. Vertical format bond. $16.00
NEW! New Orleans, Mobile and Chicago Railroad Company. 1908. Mississippi. $49.00
NEW! Pay Divide Mining Company. No vignette. Glue residue, left edge. 1920s. $8.00
NEW! Penn Monthly Association. Unissued, dated 1870. Small piece missing from upper right corner. Horizontal fold line. $6.00
NEW! Pennsylvania Company. 1970 by ABN See Prices
NEW! Penobscot and Kennebec Rail Road Company. Horizontal format bond with coupons. $19.00
NEW! Phoenix National Bank. Arizona. Unissued, dated 19__. $4.00
NEW! Physicians and Surgeons Exchange, Inc. Massachusetts. 1921 Fold split taped on reverse. by ABN $9.00
NEW! Puerto Rico Telephone Company. [Bargain Lot of 6 pieces, 3 gray, 3 red] Telephone pole, microwave tower and 1960s style telephone. Delaware. 1960s. $15.00
NEW! Republic Motor Truck Co., Inc. New York. 1922 $65.00
NEW! Republic of El Salvador. Specimen. Vertical format bond with coupons. by ABN. $55.00
NEW! Rio Grande Water Power Company. Eagle. 1937 See Prices
NEW! Sahuraro Mining Incorporated. Arizona 1952. $9.00