Image Description Price
Bardy Projector Co. Large eagle on shield. Delaware. 1922. Uncancelled. See Prices
Beach-Krahn Amusement Co. Eagle on dome at upper left. California. Unissued.
(Special: 2 or more for $5.00 each)
Brandywine Raceway Association, Inc. Eagle with outstretched wings on mountain. Delaware. 1960s.
(Special: 3 or more for $1.20 each)
Brandywine Sports, Inc. Jockey in older garb on horse drawn sulky. Delaware. 1970s. $4.00
Broadway Joe' s, Inc. Quarterback preparing to pass. Restaurant publicized by Joe Namath. Florida. 1970. by ABN See Prices
Cadillac Theatre Company. Eagle. Michigan. Unissued but dated 192_. $8.00
Caesers World, Inc. Young lady with outstretched arms, globe. Florida. 1980s. Gambling casinos. Pen cancelled with a large X, other markings, but vignette is not affected.
(Special: 2 or more for $7.00 each)
Central Park Amusement Company. Eagle with shield. Pennsylvania. Unissued. Incorporated 1909 per embossed seal. $5.00
Charleston Fair and Racing Association. Indian with bow and shield. South Carolina. 1915. Uncancelled. $29.00
Cinerama, Inc. Eagle. The wide screen motion picture people. New York. 1970s.
(Special: 3 or more for $2.00 each)
Columbia Pictures Corporation. Lady with torch in front of COLUMBIA. New York. 1960s. See Prices
Columbia Theatre Company. Lady with liberty cap at upper left. District of Columbia. Unissued. $4.00
Crystal Theatre Co., Inc. Eagle on mountain at upper left. San Francisco, California. Unissued. Incorporated 1925. $10.00
D. H. Baldwin Company. Portrait of Dwight Hamilton Baldwin. Ohio. 1980s. Famous piano manufacturer. Stock size bond.
(Special: 3 or more for $1.20 each)
Dorson Sports Inc. Golfers at the tee. Super sports item. New York. Unissued. $14.00
Euro Disneyland s.c.a. Pictures Mickey Mouse in color. France. Bearer certificate representing one share.
(Special: 2 or more for $9.00 each)
Films of the Nations Distributors, Inc. Eagle with arrows. New Jersey. Unissued. $3.00
Fox Film Corporation. No vignette. Temporary Certificate: Exchangeable for Definitive Certificate when Prepared. 1920s. Issued to William Fox. $29.00
Gaylord Entertainment Company. Specimen. Pictures Chet Atkins and Mini Pearl at a microphone. Delaware. $89.00
General Cinema Corporation. Two women flanking company logo which represents a motion picture camera. Delaware. Unissued, cancelled. $8.00
General Films Limited. Boy with torch riding winged wheel. Canada. Unissued. $10.00
General Theatres Equipment, Inc. Specimen. No vignette. Voting trust certificate for preferred stock. by ABN $29.00
Havana Racing Company. Horse shoe surrounding horses head. Delaware. 1957. Uncancelled.
(Special: 0 or more for $0.00 each)
Hollister Golden State Theatre, Inc. Eagle on cliff overlooking sea. California. 1930s. Stub remnant at left. $8.00
Hollister Golden State Theatre, Inc. Eagle on cliff overlooking sea. San Francisco, California. Unissued. Incorporated 1925. $4.00