Image Description Price
NEW! Western Virginia Kentucky Rail Road Coal Co. 1857. Fold splits left and right center edges. You will receive the certificate pictured. $79.00
NEW! Western Vermont Rail Road Co. 1854. You will receive the certificate pictured. $95.00
NEW! Utica and Black River Railroad Company. 4 per cent gold bond, vertical format. Cancel holes at top and bottom edges. $29.00
NEW! Manhattan Railway Company. Scrip Certificate for Arrears of Dividends. Fold splits taped on reverse. General wear. $10.00
NEW! Illinois Central Railroad Company Equipment Gold Note. Vertical format bond, no coupons. $18.00
NEW! Elmira State Line Railroad Company. Pen cancel touches vignette. $29.00
NEW! Costa Rica Railway Company Limited. Bond Certificate, Second Debenture. 1889 $49.00
NEW! Colorado and Southern Railway Company. First preferred. 1960s $34.00
NEW! Cleveland & Pittsburgh Rail Road Company. Dividend Scrip. 1854 $14.00
NEW! Cairo and Norfolk Railroad Company. Smoking engine pulling passenger train. Kentucky. Vertical format bond with coupons. $24.00
NEW! Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Co. Iowa. 1859 $29.00
NEW! Beech Creek Rail Road Company. Pennsylvania. 1892. Vertical format bond, no coupons. $25.00
NEW! Norfolk and Western Railway Company. 1970s. See Prices
City Railway Company (of Dayton, Ohio). Electrified trolley with passengers inside. Unissued. dated 19__ $5.00
Market Street Railway Company. No Vignette. Unissued, dated 192_ $10.00
Allegheny Valley Railway Co. Unissued, dated 189_ in text. $5.00
York Haven and Rowena Railroad Company. 1903. Pennsylvania. Stub remnant obscures left border. $35.00
Seaboard Coast Line Railroad. Equipment Trust No. 14. Stock Size bond certificate. by SCB. $7.00
Saint Joseph and Western Railroad Company. State of Kansas. 1880. $29.00
New Orleans, Mobile and Chicago Railroad Company. 1908. Mississippi. $49.00
New Hope and Ivyland Railroad Company. Vertical format bond. $16.00
Lehigh Avenue Railway Company. Pennsylvania. Unissued, dated 18__. $15.00
Kentucky and South Atlantic Railway Company. Vertical format bond with coupons. $69.00
Kansas City Railways Company. Vertical format bond with coupons. By ABN $35.00
Iowa Central Railway Company. Specimen. Vertical format bond with coupons. by ABN $55.00