Image Description Price
Canada Southern Railway Co.[Bargain Lot of 6 pieces, 3 colors] Smoking funnel stack engine leaving station. 1890s to 1910s. by NBN $15.00
Utica and Schenectady Rail Road Company. Unissued, dated 18__. New York. ***Small tear at top of certificate. $9.00
Talladega and Coosa Valley Railroad Company. Vertical format bond with coupons at right. Folded. $49.00
Green Bay & Lake Pepin Railway Company. Stub remnant at left, cut cancel. $29.00
Burlington Electric Railway Company. Iowa. 1891. Light vertical fold. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $59.00
New York and Harlem Rail Road Company. 1890s. Light folds. $19.00
Michigan Central Railroad Company. SPECIMEN. $5,000 Bond Certificate. Vertical folds. $40.00
Stacyville Railroad Company. Unissued, dated 189_ $9.00
Seaboard Air Line Railway Company. Stock purchase warrant. 1930 $12.00
Saginaw Transit Company. Michigan. 1923 $9.00
New Jersey and New York Rail Road Company. Stock Certificate. Unissued but signed, dated 188_ $7.00
National Storage Company, National Docks Stores. Receipt certificate. New Jersey. Unissued, dated 192_ $12.00
Boston and Maine Railroad. Temporary Stock Certificate. 1953 $15.00
Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad Company. Bond Certificate. Horizontal fold. $6.00
Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railway Company. Scrip Certificate. See Prices
County of Carroll and State of Ohio Rail Road Company. Bond Certificate. Vertical folds. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $89.00
Boston and Providence Rail Road Corporation. Stock Certificate. 1870s $8.00
Cuba Railroad Company. Oncoming locomotive. New Jersey. 1910s. by ABN $18.00
Brinson Railway Company. [Bargain Lot of10 pieces] Very nice vignette of a smoking locomotive pulling a passenger train. Georgia. Unissued, cancelled. By IBN $15.00
Pere Marquette Railway Company. Temporary Voting Trust Certificate. 1917 Tiny chip from upper right margin, border not affected. $18.00
Northern Railroad. You will receive the same certificate pictured. $18.00
Baltimore and Ohio Rail-Road Company. 1890s. Heavy cancel. $9.00
Southern Pennsylvania Railway and Mining Company. 1938. Edge faults $19.00
Paterson & Hudson River Rail Road Company. Stock Certificate. 1933 $14.00
Maine Central Railroad Company. 1913 $10.00