Image Description Price
Socony-Vacuum Corporation. 1930s-50s. Notable wrinkling, 2 vertical folds See Prices
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company. 1930s-50s. Light wrinkling See Prices
Palmer Union Oil Company. Stock Certificate. 1911. Small stain top margin. $12.00
Merchants and Traders Oil Company. South Dakota. 1903 $12.00
Rumsey Petroleum Company. Stock Certificate. Oklahoma. 1919 $12.00
Houston Oil Company of Texas. 1910s-20s $5.00
Central Oil Development Company. 1920 $5.00
United Oil Land Syndicate. Trust Stock Certificate. 1920s. 2 Horizontal folds, light wrinkling $7.00
Union Pacific Consolidated Oils Limited. Stock Certificate. Alberta, Canada $9.00
Buffalo Pipe Line Company. Partially issued and canceled. $9.00
Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates. 1960s. See Prices
Universal Royalties Company. Stock Certificate. Fort Worth, Texas. 1920s $16.00
Lloyd Oil Corporation. Stock Certificate. 1930s. light vertical folds. $14.00
Liberty Oil & Gas Company of Montana. 1918 $12.00
Gulfport Oil and Refining Company. Stock Certificate. Incorporated in Maine. 1919 $7.00
Richfield Oil Company of California. No Vignette. Certificate of Deposit. 1931 $5.00
Appleton Co-Operative Association. Oil field. Wisconsin. 1950s $5.00
Union Petrochemical Corp. of Nevada. Eagle. Nevada. 1960s. $7.00
Sun Oil Company, Inc. Sunoco. 1972 $8.00
Pierce Oil Corporation. Scrip for Common Capital Stock. 1934. Vertical folds. $8.00
Petroleum Operators Company. South Dakota. 1918. 2 vertical folds $16.00
Eastern Consolidated Oil Company. Maine. 1903-1907. Minor fold splits. $12.00
Berkshire Gas Company. Massachusetts. 1962 $5.00
Bateman Oil Corporation. No vignette. Tennessee. 1930 $4.00
Vindicator Oil Company. No vignette. 1920s. 2 vertical folds with minor creasing. $5.00