Image Description Price
NEW! Woodburn Mining Company. Montana. 1937. Stub remnant at left. By Goes. $18.00
NEW! Western States Coal Company. Unissued, dated 19__. Montana. $7.00
NEW! Williams Manufacturing Company. Stack of baskets. Unissued, dated 18__. Massachusetts. $15.00
NEW! Swisshelm Mining Company. No vignette. Colorado Springs, Colorado. 1904. Uncanceled. $29.00
NEW! Tri-State Oil & Refining Company. Oil field. Uncanceled. 1919. $12.00
NEW! Tennessee Petroleum Company. No vignette. 1910s, uncanceled. See Prices
NEW! Tabotacachi Mining Company. Mining scene. Kansas City, Kansas. Uncanceled. 190_. Small tears on fold lines top and bottom. $35.00
NEW! Savannah & Charleston Rail Road Co. Horizontal format bond, with coupons, 1st mortgage. 1869 due 1889. By WalEC. Uncanceled. Hard creases from being folded in fourths. $110.00
NEW! Sarnia Chatham and Erie Railway Company. No vignette, ribbon and leaves at left. Ontario, Canada. Unissued but dated 18__. by Ben. $12.00
NEW! Salvani Construction Company. Building under construction. New York. 1922. By Goes. $18.00
NEW! Rutland and Noyan Railway Company. Unissued, dated 19__. By Mac. $18.00
NEW! Royal Crown Beverage Company, Inc. No vignette. 1960s. Diagonal pen cancel. Glue stain left edge. $18.00
NEW! Providence and Worcester Railroad Company. Train in open country. 1889. Cancel stamp affects vignette. by HLB. $29.00
NEW! Pioneer Railroad Company, Inc. Train with river beyond. CUSIP. 1988. by ABN. $39.00
NEW! Owensboro, Falls of Rough & Green River Railroad Company. No vignette. Unissued, dated 18__. Kentucky. $8.00
NEW! Newport Quarries Incorporated. Eagle. Uncanceled. 1930s. New York. $12.00
NEW! New Mexico Mining Company. Buildings, bridge. 1864. Glue stain at left edge. You will receive the certificate pictured. $45.00
NEW! Mississippi and Missouri Rail Road Company. Long bridge, 2 indians on horses at bottom. By Wellstood, Hay & Whiting. 1863. Pen cancel affects vignette. $18.00
NEW! Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Company. Certificate for Scrip Preferred Stock. Woman with scale. 1870s. $12.00
NEW! Kankakee & Seneca Railroad Company. Horizontal format bond, 1881 due 1921. Signed by Melville E. Ingalls and Ransom R. Cable as trustees. Certificate has a hard fold crease down the center. $45.00
NEW! Kaiser-Frazer Corporation. Auto in background. 1940s-50s. Nevada. $12.00
NEW! Indianapolis and Martinsville Rapid Transit Company. Electric streetcar. 1900s-1920s. By WBN. $20.00
NEW! Fairmont Helens Run Railway Company. Eagle, typewritten details. 1940s. Goes imprint at bottom left. Glue residue along left edge. $55.00
NEW! Eastern Michigan Railways. Eagle. Uncanceled. by HBN. See Prices
NEW! Candy Products Corporation. No vignette. 100 shares common stock. 1928. by ABN. $29.00