Image Description Price
NEW! Lackawanna Railroad Company of New Jersey. Bridge. 1930s-40s. by ABN $5.00
NEW! Tennessee Valley Authority. [Bargain Lot of 5 Pieces] Stock Size Power Bond. 1960s-70s. by FedBN. $15.00
NEW! Passaic, City of. [Bargain Lot of 4 Pieces] New Jersey water supply bond of 1935. $15.00
NEW! Trinity Goldbar Mining Company. SPECIMEN. Stock Certificate. Nevada $13.00
NEW! Tonopah Golden Crown Mining Company. Nevada. No vignette. 1906. $29.00
NEW! Trane Company. Man with instruments. 1960s-70s. by ABN See Prices
NEW! Trane Company. Men and buildings. 1980s. by ABN $19.00
NEW! Thirty-fourth Street Crosstown Railway Company. No vignette. New York. 1931. Stub remnant obscures left border. Discoloration toward upper center— see photo. $54.00
NEW! Tesoro Petroleum Corporation. Woman with globe, refinery. By SCB See Prices
NEW! Tennessee Valley Authority. Stock Size Power Bond. 1960s-70s. by FedBN. $6.00
NEW! Success Mining Company, Limited. Wallace, Idaho. by GOES. 1919. $12.00
NEW! Standard Silver-Lead Mining Co. Mountains surrounding a river valley. Washington. 1946. See Prices
NEW! Stanton Oil Company. Kentucky. Uncanceled. 1918. by GOES. $18.00
NEW! Speedway Park Association. Auto racing track with golf course in center. Illinois. 1915. $295.00
NEW! Southwest Oil Company. Wyoming. 1919. Notation in top margin. By GOES $12.00
NEW! Scranton National Bank. Eagle. Pennsylvania. 1949. Was folded in half. $24.00
NEW! Secret Canyon Mining Company. Sacramento, California. Unissued, dated 19__ $9.00
NEW! Schleswig Telephone Company. New Holstein, Wisconsin. 1950s. by Goes. $9.00
NEW! Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company. Two women flank shield. Glue stain at left edge. by ABN $12.00
NEW! Peterborough Railroad. No vignette. 1872 $22.00
NEW! Penobscot and Kennebec Railroad Company. Small stock transfer receipt. No vignette. $9.00
NEW! Passaic Valley & Peacock Rail Road Company. New Jersey. Unissued, dated 18__. $18.00
NEW! Passaic, City of. New Jersey water supply bond of 1935. $6.00
NEW! Olean, Bradford and Salamanca Railway Company. Vertical format bond with coupons. by Franklin Lee Division, ABN $159.00
NEW! Oil Well Supply Company. Specimen. Oil wells with train. by ABN. Slight wrinkling at upper left edge. $36.00