Image Description Price
Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company. Lady using an outdoor pay phone. Washington state. 1970s. Stock size bond. See Prices
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company. Lady using a regular telephone. California. 1975. Stock size bond. $7.00
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company. Specimen. Lady using a regular telephone. California. Stock size bond. $18.00
Perkin-Elmer Corp. Man with spaceship at launching tower, electronics, antennas. New York. 1970s. $4.00
Philco Corporation. Vignette shows a seated Ben Franklin. Pennsylvania. 1961. Electronics company of note for their radios and televisions. $29.00
Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. Lady and hemispheres. Philippines. 1970s. See Prices
Philips Electronics and Pharmaceutical Industries Corp. Man with lightning bolts. Maryland. 1960s. See Prices
Philips N. V. Man surrounded by symbols of the company' s diversified businesses. U. S. certificates for this worldwide electronics company based in The Netherlands. See Prices
Poulsen Wireless Corporation. No vignette. Very plain. Territory of Arizona. Incorporated 1910. Early radio stock. $5.00
Puebla Telegraph and Telephone Co. No vignette. New York. 1883. Issued to John D. Haines, Company president and signed twice by him. Stub remnant at left. $14.00
Puerto Rico Telephone Company. Telephone pole, microwave tower and 1960s style telephone. Delaware. 1960s. See Prices