Image Description Price
Phoenix Tanning Company of Louisville, KY. No vignette. Arched name. Louisville, Kentucky. 1889. Uncancelled. Light abrasions in lower right border. $15.00
Plastics & Fibers, Inc. Eagle on mountain. New Jersey. Specimen.
(Special: 2 or more for $8.00 each)
Portland General Corporation. Statue of man holding trident. Oregon. Specimen. $10.00
Republic Packing Corporation. Eagle with city in background. New York. 1921.
(Special: 2 or more for $4.00 each)
Rheem Manufacturing Company. Two men flank man operating a heavy duty metal press. California. Specimen. $20.00
Rhode Island Dyeing & Finishing Corporation. Eagle on crag. Wavy name. Maine. 1906. Uncancelled. Vertical format bond.
(Special: 2 or more for $8.00 each)
Rockwell Spring and Axle Company. Man with spring and gear. Pennsylvania. 1950s.
(Special: 2 or more for $4.00 each)
Roentgen Manufacturing Company. Eagle with bay behind. Delaware. Uniised. Incorporated 1925. $5.00
Rossville Commercial Alcohol. Eagle on mountain. Maryland. 1929. Bankrupt. Vertical format bond. Fold split taped on reverse. $15.00
R. P. Andrews Paper Co. American Indian with staff, shield. Ships in the background. Washington, D. C. 1930s. Light glue stain at left. $15.00
Salvani Construction Company. Building under construction. New York. 1922. By Goes. $18.00
Santa Clara Valley Mill & Lumber Company. Vignette shows a sawmill. San Jose, Cal. Unissued. 187_. $18.00
Sheffield Watch Company. Man holding timer. Delaware. 1970s. Uncancelled. $29.00
Signode Steel Strapping Company. Man, forging hammer. Delaware. 1960s.
(Special: 2 or more for $2.25 each)
Simmons Company. Man' s portrait. Delaware. 1970s. The mattress company. See Prices
Southern Can Company of Baltimore City. Eagle on mountain. Maryland. Unissued. $5.00
Southern Iron and Steel Company. No vignette. New Jersey. Unissued. Cancelled. See Prices
Southern Iron and Steel Company. Specimen. No vignette. Fractional scrip certificate. $9.00
Southern Potteries, Incorporated. Specimen. Eagle on mountain. Virginia.. Dated 1917 in text. $7.00
Spencer Shoe Corporation. Specimen. Eagle. Massachusetts. See Prices
Stack Heat Convertor Corporation. Eagle with shield. Delaware. 1936. Uncancelled. $9.00
Stein Cosmetics Company, Inc. Specimen No vignette. Dated 1929 in text on the back. $9.00
Sulpho-Carbon Foreign Manufacturing Co. Shows the comany's product, a canister used for fumigation. Arizona. 1914. Uncancelled. $29.00
Sun Distributors L. P. Lady with globe, city. Delaware. 1990s. Wholesale distributor of industrial products. See Prices
Susquehanna Iron and Steel Company. Certificate of deposit for shares of the company. No vignette. 1906. Uncancelled. $10.00