Image Description Price
LeBoeuf Fountain Pen Company Inc. Seated woman with cape. Massacusetts. 1930. Uncancelled. $49.00
Lehigh Portland Cement Company. Lady and two men. Pennsylvania. Specimen. $15.00
Lehigh Valley Stone and Construction Co. Eagle with tiny ship, train. Pennsylvania. 1935. Fold splits taped on reverse. Glue residue along left border. $15.00
Lima Cord Sole and Heel Company, Lady with globe. Ohio. 1937. $10.00
Loudoun County Hedge Company. Hedge under construction. Leesburg, Virginia. 1888. Uncancelled. Certificate number 1. Green paper. Certificate was separated into two pieces along a fold and has been taped back together on the reverse. $150.00
Mackey Lath Machinery Manufacturing Company. No vignette. Arched name. New York, New York. 1874. Uncancelled. $29.00
Manufactured Rubber Co. Lady, children. New Jersey. Unissued.
(Special: 2 or more for $4.00 each)
Masonite Corporation. Lady with two men. Delaware. 1950s. Building products. See Prices
Massey-Ferguson Limited. Company logo showing tractor. Well known manufacturer of farm machinery. Canada. 1960s. See Prices
Massey-Ferguson Ltd. Lady with farm implements. Well known manufacturer of farm machinery. Canada. 1980s. See Prices
Mergenthaler-Horton Basket Machine Co. No vignette. Scrip dividend certificate. 1906. Uncancelled. $7.00
Milk Row Bleachery Company. Unissued. Dated 18__ but has the appearance of a mid nineteenth century certificate. On light blue paper. No vignette.
(Special: 3 or more for $2.00 each)
Millerstown Iron Company. State seal with horses. Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Unissued but dated 18__.
(Special: 2 or more for $5.00 each)
Monarch Plaster Company. Lady wearing Liberty cap. Oklahoma. 1907. Uncancelled. $20.00
Monolith Portland Cement Company. Partially excavated mountain, cement plant. Nevada. 1930s.
(Special: 2 or more for $8.00 each)
Multibestos Company. Detailed vignette of turn of the century factory. Massachusetts. 1920s. See Prices
Nash-Kelvinator. Woman accompanied by chemical, industrial and scientific appaaratus. Maryland. 1950s. See Prices
National Asphalt Company. No vignette. New Jersey. 1900. See Prices
National Rubber Company of New York. No vignette. Delaware. 1917. Uncancelled. $10.00
National Steel Company. Eagle on mountain. Delaware. 1970s. See Prices
National Steel Corporation. Eagle on mountain. Delaware. 1976. Stock size bond. $7.00
Nelson-Bloom Packing Corporation. Eagle on mountain. Nevada. 1920s. Right Margin trimmed. Large heavy rubber stamp cancel. See Prices
New England Excelsior Manufacturing Company. No vignette. A mid 19th century certificate printed in red. Legend reads "Under Prescott's patent of May 9, 1854". Boston, Massachusetts. 18__. Unissued.
(Special: 2 or more for $1.50 each)
Nicholson File Company. Founder William T. Nicholson seated in a rocking chair. Rhode Island. 1910.
(Special: 2 or more for $12.00 each)
Noring Machine Corporation. Lady with book. New York. 1951. Uncancelled.
(Special: 2 or more for $2.25 each)