Image Description Price
Farmers' Loan and Trust Company. Eagle. New York. Unissued. 1901. Bond receipt. $2.00
Farmers & Mechanics National Bank of Georgetown, D. C. Eagle. Small dog and safe at bottom. Washington, D. C. 1911 Cut through with small holes that spell out ‘Paid’ $29.00
Farmers State Bank. State seal of Maryland. Emmitsburg, Maryland. 1929. Stub remnant at left. $9.00
Farmers State Bank. State seal of Maryland. Emmitsburg, Maryland. Unissued. $4.00
Fidelity-Baltimore National Bank & Trust Company. Picture of Baltimore as viewed from the harbor. Baltimore, Maryland. 1956. Fidelity has been crossed out. $15.00
Fidelity Trust Company. Company logo. Baltimore, Maryland. 1920s. $5.00
Finance Corporation of America. Elaborate rendering of company initials. Pennsylvania. 1920s-1930s. Uncancelled. Markings in upper margin See Prices
First Banc Group of Ohio, Inc. 1G sitting on outline of Ohio. 1970. $4.00
First Bank Trust Shares. Specimen. No vignette. New York. Dated 1931 in text. See Prices
First Charter Financial Corporation. Topless female, covered wagon, houses. California. 1970s. $4.00
First National Bank of Allendale. No vignette. Allendale, New Jersey. 1960. Tape residue at left.
(Special: 2 or more for $1.50 each)
First National Bank of Arizona at Phoenix. Eagle with flag, capital building. Phoenix, Arizona. Unissued. Cancelled. $14.00
First National Bank of Bridgeport. State of Connecticut. 1923. Was folded in thirds. $9.00
First National Bank of Carbondale, PA. Eagle. Pennsylvania. Unissued. $2.00
First National Bank of Elko. Eagle with shield. Elko, Nevada. Unissued. $9.00
First National Bank of Springfield. State seal. Springfield, Kentucky. 1877. Uncancelled. $39.00
Frontier Mortgage Corporation. Indians watching train. Delaware. 1924. Uncancelled. $29.00