Image Description Price
Studebaker-Packard Corporation. Man looking at piston. Draftsman, machinist to either side. Michigan. 1960s.
(Special: 3 or more for $4.00 each)
Studebaker-Packard Corporation. Woman and two men. Michigan. 1950s. See Prices
Studebaker-Worthington, Inc. Seated lady with globe, factory. Delaware. 1970s. Manfacturer of automotive, industrial parts. See Prices
Templar Motors Company. Eagle on mountain. Cleveland, Ohio. 1920. Uncancelled. Fold splits taped on reverse. $49.00
Tung-sol Electric Inc. Two men, logo. Delaware. 1950s. Manufactures automotive lamps. See Prices
Tuttle Motor Company. Eagle, partly obscured by stamp. New York. 1910. Was folded in thirds. $35.00
Twin Tube and Rubber Company. Capital building. Dog on safe at bottom. Delaware. 1919. Uncancelled. $10.00
U-Drive-It Company. Eagle with shield. Columbus, Ohio. Unissued.
(Special: 2 or more for $1.50 each)
United Auto Stores Incorporated. No vignette. Delaware. 1920. Uncancelled. See Prices
United Motor Clubs, Inc. Eagle. Delaware. Unissued. Circa 1920. See Prices
Varity Corporation. Man, children. Successor to Massey- Ferguson, Canadian manufacturer, farm machinery. Canada. 1980s.
(Special: 3 or more for $1.20 each)
Varity Corporation. Specimen. Man, children. Successor to Massey- Ferguson, Canadian manufacturer, farm machinery. Canada. $10.00
Western New York Motor Lines, Inc. Passengers boarding bus. New York. 1928. Uncanceled. $225.00
Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc. Logo consisting of a winged letter W. Florida. 1983.
(Special: 3 or more for $3.00 each)
White Motor Corporation. Lady with winged wheel. Ohio. 1970s. Manufactures trucks. See Prices
Willys Corporation. No vignette. Certificate of deposit for preferred stock. 1922. See Prices
Willys-Overland Company. No vignette. Ohio. 1920. Uncanceled. Subscription warrant for common stock. $49.00