Image Description Price
Easton and South Bethlehem Transportation Company. Eagle with shield. Bus company owned by Lehigh Valley Transit. Pennsylvania. Unissued. $6.00
Elgin Motors Incorporated. Elgin in circle. Indianapolis. 1923. Was folded in thirds. $42.00
Empire Motors Corporation, Ltd. Eagle. California. Unissued. 1930. $24.00
Federal Motor Truck Company. Eagle. 100 shares. 1943. by RBN Was folded in thirds. $29.00
Fifth Avenue Coach Company. Double decker bus with the company name on side. New York. 1936. $59.00
Fisk Rubber Company. Two ladies flank oval frame showing a man tapping a rubber tree. Massachusetts. 1930s. Uncancelled. $69.00
Ford International Capital Corporation. Old time Ford automobile in front of city and country highways. Delaware. 1968. Vertical format bond. Convertible into common stock of Ford Motor Company. $12.00
Four Wheel Drive Auto Co. Moose. Wisconsin. 1910s. $15.00
Four Wheel Drive Auto Company. Two men flank company initials. Wisconsin. 1950s.
(Special: 2 or more for $5.00 each)
Fuel Oil Motors Corporation. New York state seal. New York. 1929 on back. Uncancelled. Fold split tape on back. $10.00
FWD Corporation. Two men flanking FWD logo. Wisconsin. 1960s. Formerly called Four Wheel Drive Corporation. See Prices
Gay-Streibich Auto-Wheel Company. Eagle with shield. Arkansas. 1916. Uncancelled. Fold splits taped on reverse. $29.00
General American Transportation Corporation. Eagle. 1964. Vertical format bond with coupons at right $12.00
General Motors Corporation. Specimen. Stylized bus, truck, auto and train. Delaware. See Prices
General Motors Corporation. Stylized bus, truck, auto and train. 1980s. See Prices
Greyhound Corporation. Specimen. Greyhound dog at full run. Delaware. Stock size bond. See Prices
Greyhound Leasing & Financial Corporation. Specimen. Greyhound dog at full run. Delaware. Stock size bond. $29.00
Harer Auto Electric Company. State seal with two horses. Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 1923. Uncancelled. $9.00
Hertz Corporation. Man, woman flank Hertz logo. Delaware. 1970s. Stock size bond. See Prices
Highbridge Plank Road Company. No vignette. Village of Fayetteville. State unknown. Unissued but dated 185_. $5.00
Hill-Klimber Cord Tire Corp. formerly Eastern Tire and Rubber Co. Eagle in front of bay. Delaware. 1919. Uncancelled. Certificate formed by applying rubber stamp to Eastern Tire stock. Edge tear taped on reverse. $25.00
Hill-Klimber Cord Tire Corporation. Eagle with bay and city behind. Delaware. 1920. Uncancelled. Tear taped on reverse. Abrasions of border design at lower left. $19.00
Hoboken & Hudson River Turnpike Co. State seal with two ladies. Hoboken, New Jersey. Unissued but dated 185_. $19.00
J. I. Case Company. Company emblem consisting of eagle standing on globe with CASE superimposed. Wisconsin. 1960s. Vertical format bond. Nationally known manufacturer of farm machinery. $16.00
John Warren Watson Company. Panoramic view of a factory building. Watson Stabilator logo at bottom. Pennsylvania. 1940. Uncancelled. The Watson Stabilator was a mechanical system for improving automobile ride quality. See Prices